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Rapsodo Hitting Monitor Review

In this Rapsodo review we’ll be discussing the qualities of such a useful tool for baseball. In the cage or on the ground, the Rapsodo baseball trainer provides immediate feedback to help you improve your hitting. This portable device is simple to use with the Rapsodo app, which allows players and coaches to display data on each hit’s exit velocity, launch angle, speed, spin axis, and more. A PITCHf/x, TrackMan, or FlightScope rig will set you back thousands of dollars, while the Rapsodo baseball trainer unit will set you back about $3,000. Rapsodo hitting monitor is a data-tracking monitor that is highly sensitive and precise. Although the Rapsodo baseball trainer hardware was designed to achieve precision in a typical baseball setting, many ordinary objects such as electrical equipment, computers, etc can cause electrical or optical interference, resulting in false readings.


The MLB’s use of Statcast offers incredible insight into the game. For players, fans, and coaches alike, having data analysis of ball flight at our hands is a fantasy come true. It should be remembered, though, that even Statcast has problems with accuracy. Statcast, for example, missed data on 12.5 percent of hit balls in 2016.When we compare hitting monitors priced at a fraction of the size, such research from the best in the ball launch display industry (at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars per year) gives insight. However, we must bear in mind that even the best in the game aren’t 100 percent accurate. In the end, can we get reliable, repeatable metrics from a portable, durable ball exit speed monitor that delivers spray charts, strike zone heats and video analysis? Our experience to date with the Rapsodo pitching monitor—absolutely yes. 


What’s new with the Rapsodo pitching machine:


  • In version 2.0, the Rapsodo Pitching Monitor makes the turn to the Tank.
  • For a more reliable alternative, the Rapsodo Computing Engine (RCE) uses a 5g WiFi network.
  • The RCE now has a quicker turnaround speed, allowing you to get the results faster than ever before.
  • Players’ profiles can now be switched with a single click thanks to the addition of groups.
  • Advanced Cloud for Pitching now includes advanced analytics that analyzes and measures a player’s individual pitches as well as his entire repertoire to see how they interact.


Rapsodo Hitting Monitor Features Reviewed


Rapsodo recently announced the introduction of its Smartphone Launch Rapso Pitching Monitor. It comes with a long list of features for the price of $500.The most important factor in every Rapsodo launch monitor is distance precision. If a business fails to get this basic function correct, the product’s reputation is jeopardized. We discovered that ball speed, clubhead speed, size, and launch angle were similar (though not identical) to what we’ve seen on many commercial versions that cost much more. Overall our Rapsodo review of the baseball trainer did a great job of supplying us with similar metrics to more costly goods.


The Rapsodo’s baseball trainer’s App Is Incredibly Impressive, in our view, is the most stable aspect of the product. We’d say it’s the best in this genre right now. We’ll try to condense some of our favorite features, but there are a lot of them. When you first launch your MLM practice, you use your phone’s GPS to check your precise spot on the driving range as well as the way you’re hitting balls. When you complete this exercise, the app will display a visual image of where all of your shots went during your practice, which is useful knowledge. Additionally, each image is captured by the camera on your computer. You’ll see a video playback of those interesting shot-tracer graphics right away. 


When you’re done with each range session, you’ll have access to a library of useful material. The software has a comprehensive mapping feature that displays your average yardages for each club. You will see how you did in individual sessions or as a whole. Overall, we believe the Rapsodo baseball trainer has more robust app functionality, such as displaying shot trajectory, form, and video replay. The Rapsodo baseball trainer determines if your shot began to the left or right of your intended target, as well as how far off course it went.


Some of the other features include:


  • For baseball and softball, a portable hitting display is available.
  • Rapsodo Computing Engine (RCE) for rapid processing with 5g WiFi
  • Capability for both indoor and outdoor use
  • For professional-level data precision, a patented radar and camera system is used.
  • The sloped face of the Defensive Tank maintains player protection by stopping the ricochet.
  • Long-life/ability to survive the hardest line drives is guaranteed by industrial technology, which has been checked with direct impact (100 balls at 100+ mph).
  • The compact construction makes it easy to transport from the field to the factory.

How to use Rapsodo baseball trainer


The Rapsodo baseball trainer device captures a 14-foot window across the plate with a slow-motion sensor. The computer analyzes the slow-motion video it shot around the ball’s initial flight after it detects touch. Exit speed and direction are representations of such metrics. The unit also analyzes the seams on the ball to determine its spin rate and speed, which is an important element in the trajectory and overall distance of the ball. It then transfers the data to a connected computer via wifi after it has been collected. The computer may be a Windows or Mac PC, as well as an iPad, as of this writing. (As of this writing, it would not submit it to an iPhone and there is no app for it.) Under the profile of your preferred batter, this app shows the metrics of the ball’s travel. 


Tables, interactive maps, and photographs, as well as the flight’s raw data, are among the measurements. If you’re collecting data on an iPad, you can use the video feature to link a video of the swing to the Rapsodo baseball trainer data. To put it lightly, it’s amazing. This whole process takes about 7 seconds to process inside the system and send to the app aftertouch. To put it another way, if you want to catch every blow, plan on pausing for 7 seconds between swings. (A green/red light on the front of the camera shows that it is able to catch the flight of another ball.) Luckily a machine that sounds this complicated came with a user-friendly manual.


How to set-up the Rapsodo Hitting Machine


Before setting up the Rapsodo Hitting Machine, we need to understand how it works. The Monitor gathers data and organizes it into profiles that you build in the app. There are heavy hitters. (Bats are used as profiles at JBR.) Rapsodo hitting machine manages a paywall that prevents access to the reaching profiles. The software comes with a collection of generic profiles. (Softball and Baseball Visitors). You don’t need to build any accounts to use these. However, the information on those accounts will not be compiled beyond the current session. In other words, you can use the computer without access to the database, but the software and program’s features would be extremely restricted.


We fully appreciate why the database and player profiles are being used. It’s helpful to keep track of your development, and servers do charge fees. However, we generally hate subscription programs in our daily lives. But, for the time being, it is what it is. Expect to pay for it both coming and going as the first to sell a consumer product like this. If you need to watch a detailed video on how to set-up the Rapsodo Hitting Machine device then this link will be most useful.  


How to set-up the hitting tank:


  1. Inside the tank, connect the RCE and Monitor using the short USB cable offered.
  2. Place the tank at 14′ from the front of the home plate to the front of the tank, using the measuring tape given.
  3. Activate all devices. The RCE will turn green, blue, and red after a few seconds.
  4. Pick Rapsodo XXXXX HIT from your iPad’s WiFi settings. (It’s completely natural for the link to claim ‘No Internet Connection.’)
  5. Click the grayed out WiFi button on the lower left hand side of the pitching app to attach RCE/Monitor to the app.
  6. Make sure the angles are all in GREEN by clicking on the calibration button on the left side of the application (should be as close to 90 and 20 as possible).
  7. Finally, make sure the red line is down the center of the home plate in the Azimuth view of the calibration screen.

Fast Tip: The home plate will be covered from view. To ensure the red line is down the center, place an object on or immediately below the middle of the home plate.

  1. You’re all set to make records!

Pros and Cons of using a Rapsodo Hitting Machine




  • Instructions in the app are very user-friendly. 
  • With the stats in hand, you are able to quickly upload your video to your tablet.
  • Another great aspect is that if you switch clubs, all you have to do is keep the end of your club in front of the camera for a few seconds, and it will remember the move immediately.




  • Not perfect when it comes to accuracy, but for the price range it’s acceptable.
  • It isn’t able to measure spin rate as efficiently as similar devices do.
  • It is unfortunately also not supported on Android devices.




Technology like Rapsodo Pitching Machine or Trackman, as well as high-speed video cameras, will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to pitch production. The ability to process information and make appropriate corrections without over-coaching is a skill that is often overlooked. Pitch development has been done for well over a century, but the opportunity to do so with direct input outside of the “eye test” will speed up the process significantly. Pitch design is an important aspect of a pitcher’s growth.


Understanding spin speeds, the movements they can induce, and how to use them in pitch sequencing are all critical factors. Pitchers can be distinguished from their teammates by proper coaching and data analysis. Our Rapsodo review reveals that the Pitching Machine’s Mobile Launch Monitor is a fantastic product. It’s precision and app architecture are also excellent. I don’t like that it requires a phone to calculate shots, but it’s a small price to pay for more precise results. Considering all of the benefits of the Rapsodo Pitching Machine, I believe they’ve done an outstanding job of squeezing a lot of utility into a package that will cater to the majority of baseball players.




How can I be assured that I’m getting the most important information?

Ensure you have enough lighting, clean baseballs/softballs, and read the user guide to ensure you have the best possible setup. This means the angles areas similar to 0 and 14 degrees as possible, and the azimuth view’s red line runs straight down the center of the pitcher’s mound.

Can I use pitching & hitting at the same time?

Yes, absolutely! With this great device like the Rapsodo Pitching Machine anything is possible! The units will be placed side by side, and two iPads will be needed to operate both applications, therefore counting pitching and hitting at the same time!

How can I simultaneously upload numerous players?

  1. Go to cloud.rapsodo.com and sign up.
  2. Click the upload button at the top of the page, where it says x/500 cards (arrow pointing up)
  3. Select ‘Download Prototype’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill in all of the blanks in the prototype and save it. DO NOT Modify THE FILE’S NAME.
  5. Return to cloud.rapsodo.com and select ‘Choose File,’ then locate and select the saved file.
  6. Select ‘UPLOAD’ from the drop-down menu.

How can I see my former recorded data on the app?

  1. On the left hand side of the app, choose the ‘Team Management’ button.
  2. Select the player you want to see by clicking on the bar graph button.
  3. Pick the desired date range at the top of the current screen, and the previous details will be shown.