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Best Bat Grip Tape: A Buying Guide [2021 Update]

Major league players have been showing off Lizard Skins – arguably one of the best bat grip tape brands –for more than a few years. Now other companies are getting in on the act with bat tape in a variety of colors and patterns. Now you want to wrap your own bat, enjoy a superior grip, get some protection from vibration, and of course stand out from the crowd.

Quick Links: Our Picks for Best Bat Grip Tape

Alien ProsBaseball Bat Grip 3-PackCheck
Lizard Skins1.1mm Bat GripCheck
Lizard Skins0.5mm Camo Bat GripCheck
OMG – Oh My GripsPremium Cushioned Hand Grip WrapCheck
VulcanVulcan Bat GripCheck

Which bat grip tape is best for your needs?

Bat grip tape is available in a variety of thicknesses, with or without a tacky feel to help keep your bat from slipping. It comes in an eye-popping array of colors and patterns, taking bat customization to whole new heights.

While every batter wants to look amazing, it’s a good idea to put your grip and your comfort first. If you tend to feel very uncomfortable with the vibrations that occur when you hit the ball, look for a well-cushioned tape. Thinner grips are ideal for softball players. Of course, they’re also fine for anyone who doesn’t mind feeling the connection between the bat and ball!

With comfort, appearance, and a few other factors in mind, here are our top picks for best bat grip tape.

Alien Pros Baseball Bat Grip 3-Pack Non-Slip Grip Tape


Alien Pros Z-Tac baseball grips come in a convenient three-pack. Each tape measures 27mm wide by 47.2 inches long, by 0.02 inches thick, and will fit both baseball and softball bats. The overgripis tacky to the touch and absorbs shock, helping to prevent blisters and ease vibration.There are many unique patterns to choose from.


  • Durable
  • Longer than some other grips
  • Easy to apply, even over other tape


  • A bit too thin for alloy/composite youth bats or BBCOR bats

If you’ve been looking for a way to stop your bat from slipping or flying out of your hands but you’re not into the thicker, cushier feel some other grips offer, you may want to consider Alien Pros bat grip. With three grips per package, the price is on par with many other brands, plus you’ll have some extra on hand for the next time you’d like to rewrap your bat.Players who prefer bold patterns to bright colors will like the way these grip tape designs enhance the look of a favorite bat, too!

Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip


Lizard Skins 1.1mm bat grips feature an inner felt cushion, an outer textured design, and a lightweight feel for outstanding comfort. Pre-cut to make installation easier, they are easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol or water. These DSP durasoft polymer bat wraps resist slipping even when wet. Wrapping instructions are included for your convenience.


  • Does a great job of preventing blisters
  • Angled cuts on ends; no need to re-cut to get a nice, professional look
  • Feels tacky without feeling sticky


  • Some reports of accelerated wear
  • A few reports of faulty adhesive on back of tape

Players who are looking for a good level of cushioning without completely losing the feeling of the bat are likely to appreciate Lizard Skins 1.1mm bat grip. While a few reviewers have encountered issues with longevity, the majority are happy with the product’s durability as well as its comfort and appearance.

Lizard Skins 0.5mm Camo Bat Grip


Lizard Skins 0.5mm Camo Bat Grip is designed to provide a tacky grip without adding thickness to the bat’s handle. Offering more direct feedback from the bat than thicker products do, this grip tape is 39 inches long, with pre-cut ends for convenience. Choose from a variety of solid colors and bold patterns.


  • More than 35 colors and patterns to choose from
  • Easy to apply
  • Allows for a firm, no-slip grip


  • Costs a little more than some other options

While a few users felt that this bat grip was overpriced, most were thrilled with the tape’s ability to enhance a bat’s handle without adding bulk. If you are looking for a color or pattern to give your bat a unique appearance while enhancing your performance, and you don’t need any cushioning, then you may want to give Lizard Skins 0.5mm camo bat grip a try.

OMG – Oh My Grips Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap


OMG – Oh My Grips Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap comes in ten distinctive colors. Textured to reduce the risk of slipping, it is made with cushioned polymer for excellent protection from vibration. Each grip is one inch wide by 43.5 inches long, so players can wrap their handles generously. This tape is easy to apply; simply peel the backing as you wrap. When you’re finished, use the finishing tape (included) to secure the end.


  • Works well on wood and metal bats
  • Colors stay bright and attractive
  • Comfortable, cushioned feel


  • Less tacky than some other brands

Even though this company offers fewer colors than some others, this brand gets great marks for comfort and good looks. Players who are looking for plenty of cushioning and protection from blisters that can happen during long practice sessions, hot metal bat handles, and other common issues enjoy the way OMG grip tape feels. Many compare its appearance to that ofore expensive Lizard Skins.

Vulcan Bat Grip


Available in more than forty different colors and patterns, Vulcan Bat Grip Tape offers a thickness of 1.75mm for comfortable cushioning. This product provides excellent gripping power via a textured “maze” imprinted pattern. Made with advanced polymer, this grip works in wet or dry weather conditions, and is easy to apply to wood or metal bats.


  • Online instruction video helps make installation easier
  • Distinctive patterns
  • Costs a little less than some other popular brands


  • Some users note that the ends tend to begin peeling back after a while
  • Some light colors start to look dirty fairly quickly

If you’re looking for a comfortable grip that gives your baseball or softball bat a unique appearance, you’ll probably like Vulcan Bat Grip. While some people have had problems with the product peeling, the manufacturer now includes additional tape to apply to the finished end, along with a very useful online instruction video that minimizes the risk of mistakes that shorten the life of your grip tape. Most users are thrilled with the look, feel, and durability of this tape.

Considerations when Choosing Bat Grip Tape

Back in the old days, players simply wrapped their bats with a few layers of athletic tape. This took a bit of the “bite” out of batting, but it didn’t even come close to the benefits offered by bat grip tape. Now there are so many choices, the process of selecting the best bat grip tape can be a little tough. Here are a few more things to consider.

  • Just tackiness:If you don’t need padding and you prefer a thin handle grip, go for 0.5mm bat grip tape. It’s the thinnest available, yet it helps improve your grip.
  • Color combinations:If you’re not quite ready to pay a premium for custom bat grip tape with your name and player number on it, we get it! The service is amazing but it’s pricey. Consider customizing by using grip tape in two or more colors. You’ll get a unique look for far less.
  • Instructions:Be sure to check the instructions before you start applying your new grip tape! Most brands don’t do well when placed over old tape. You’ll enjoy better results if you remove any old grips or tape, and then carefully apply the new product.
  • Price:Even the best grip tape on the planet is pretty affordable! Of course there’s much to be said for sticking to your budget. Our advice is to make a cost / value comparison and let that guide your decision, particularly if you’d like to save as much money as possible.

With just a little bit of browsing, it’s easy to choose the best bat grip tapeand treat yourself to an upgraded look as well as a touch of grippy, secure comfort that might help you improve your swing. We wish you the best of luck with your batting!