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Best Cricket Bats [2021 Update]

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you make contact with a cricket ball and send it flying! While you’ll need to develop some skill to play this traditionalEnglish game and hit a six, the right accessories make a huge difference.

It might be tempting to consider price and nothing else as you search for the best cricket bat, but as you’ll soon discover, there are some times when factors such as composition and quality should be taken into consideration. With these factors and a few others in mind, here are five of the best cricket bats available for different playing styles and situations.

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Cold Steel9000650 Liverpool AssassinCheck
Gunn & MooreGM Chrome 606 English Willow Cricket BatCheck
KookaburraKahuna Prodigy 50 SH Full Size Adult Cricket BatCheck
SGKashmir Willow Cricket Bat Full Size with CoverCheck
SSKashmir Willow Leather Ball Cricket BatCheck

Cold Steel Liverpool Assassin


A robust cricket bat designed for fun pickup games and practice sessions, the Liverpool Assassin features a textured red handle and a wood grain embossed design on the polypropylene striking surface. The Liverpool Assassin logo is rendered in red and white for a unique appearance.


  • Stands up to the elements; fun for practicing in bad weather
  • Low price
  • Unique appearance


  • Doesn’t meet cricket regulations for bat composition; suitable for casual play only
  • Heavier than a traditional willow cricket bat

While the Liverpool Assassin cricket bat doesn’t meet composition regulations for league play, it’s a good bat for practice sessions and a fun conversation starter.

Gunn & Moore GM Chrome 606 English Willow Cricket Bat


Made with a combination of grade 2 and grains 7-9 English willow, the GM Chrome 606 cricket bat offers a low to mid swell position for powerful hits. The back profile is partially concave for added strength and contoured edges lend power to the drive zone. This bat has been knocked in by the manufacturer, and has been treated with raw linseed oil for lower cracking risk. A clear anti-scuff finish has been applied to the face and edges, and dri-guard has been applied to minimize toe swelling. An extra grip is included.


  • Versatile size suits players from about 5’5” to 6’3”
  • Good weight; pleasure to swing
  • Nice sweet spot


  • One player noted that additional knocking in was required even though the bat is pre-knocked

An excellent cricket bat at a good price, the Gunn & Moore GM Chrome 606 English Willow cricket bat is one that you’ll enjoy using in matches year after year. While play is improved by additional knocking in and oiling, we feel like you’ll be well rewarded for making a bit of extra effort.

Kookaburra Kahuna Prodigy 50 SH Full Size Adult Cricket Bat


The Kookaburra Kahuna Prodigy 50 cricket bat features a cool green, white, and black logo on its blade, along with a white grip for a crisp appearance. Weighing in at an average of 2 pounds 8 ounces to 2 pounds 11 ounces, it delivers plenty of power on each swing. The mid/low blade assures a balanced feel in hand.


  • Works with tennis balls and leather cricket balls
  • Good starter cricket bat at an affordable price
  • Nice, balanced feel


  • Must be knocked in by the buyer
  • One report of toe guard coming off; user repaired with Gorilla glue

The Kookaburra Kahuna Prodigy 50 might not be a best quality cricket bat, but it’s a good choice in the affordable range. This is among the best cricket bats for casual players and beginners, but we wouldn’t recommend it for those who are truly  serious about the game.

SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Full Size with Cover



Featuring a traditional shape and style, this cricket bat is made with premium Kashmir willow. Designed to deliver power and stability, it features an attractive logo and is available in different colors. This bat has been pressed for resilience, but is intended to develop some indentations and cracks with play. A storage cover is included.


  • Good beginner bat, improves with knocking in and seasoning
  • Comfortable grip
  • Attractive appearance


  • Not really suitable for serious players
  • Edges need to be protected

If you’re looking for a nice, lightweight cricket bat for casual play, you may like the SG Kashmir willow bat. The protective cover is a nice touch. This bat improves with play, and should benefit from some pre-match attention in the form of additional seasoning with linseed oil as well as some knocking in. Serious players would do better with an English willow bat such as the GM Chrome 606, but this one is just fine for backyard matches!

SS Kashmir Willow Leather Ball Cricket Bat


The SS Kashmir Willow Leather Ball Cricket Bat features a short handle, and is suitable for beginning to intermediate adult players. Thick edges lend durability, while a Sarawak cane handle lightens the overall weight without sacrificing strength. A colorful logo provides an attractive appearance, and a carry bag provides protection during storage and transit.


  • Suitable for playing with all types of cricket balls
  • Good for power hitting, particularly when paired with tennis balls
  • Traditional shape


  • Needs at least 2 weeks of knocking in before actually playing
  • One report of broken handle

Players who want a traditional-looking cricket bat at an inexpensive price are likely to enjoy the SS Kashmir willow bat for its size, shape, and weight as well as the sweet spot that develops after knocking in. While this bat doesn’t arrive in ready-to-play condition, you can knock it in as you please, and then start enjoying matches. Not the best bat for serious players, but perfect for fun, casual games with friends.

Considerations when Choosing a Cricket Bat

Cricket bats aren’t terribly complicated, but like other sporting gear, there’s no such thing as the perfect bat for every player and/or every situation. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind as you make your decision.

  • Casual play or league use? Be sure to choose a cricket bat that you can use in the desired setting. As an example, the Liverpool Assassin is just for fun, while the GM Chrome 606 is acceptable in any setting.
  • Knocked in or not?It’s not difficult to knock in a cricket bat, but the process can be time-consuming. A bat that hasn’t been knocked in is likely to cost a bit less than one that’s ready to take to a match on arrival.
  • What kind of balls do you like?Some cricket bats work with all types of balls, while others will only work with tennis balls and other lightweight options. If you prefer traditional leather cricket balls, then it’s important to double-check to ensure that your new bat can stand up to the task of smacking that heavy ball.
  • Price:Cheap cricket bats are available, but will they last as long as a more expensive one? That depends on how you use it and how often you play. A high-quality cricket bat can take you through many seasons successfully, while a very cheap one might break under the stress of constant use. If you’re just looking for something to have fun with, go for a cheaper option like the Liverpool Assassin, the Kookaburra Kahuna, or a Kashmir willow bat by a mid-tier manufacturer like SG or SS. If you’re serious about your game (or you plan to be) it’s a good idea to get the best cricket bat you can afford. While the GM Chrome 606 is quite a bit pricier than other options, it’s built to last so you’re not likely to spend more money on a replacement in the near future.

Thanks to the fact that there are just a few features to compare, it’s easy to choose the best cricket bat for your needs and your budget. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll find yourself hitting one ball after another. We wish you the best of luck at your next cricket match!