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The 5 Best Double Wall Softball Bats

Whether you are a slow-pitch or fast-pitch player, your choice of softball bat can break or make your game. The Best Double Wall Softball Bats are high-performance and less prone to damage compared to metallic and single wall bats. Quality is usually determined by design, the material used, weight distribution, and whether they are one-piece or two-piece.


However, keep in mind that what works for one individual may not be the best for you. If you want to be the next Amanda Scarborough, you need a double wall bat that is the right length, weight and has the balanced feel for your body frame.
Our review summarizes the top 5 double wall softball bats tested by our team.

The Best Double Wall Softball Bats At a Glance

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch (-10) Softball Bat

This is a two-piece, -10 length to weight ratio bat favored by hard hitting fast pitchers. The iST technology seamlesslyLouisville Slugger Xeno double wall softball bat joins the handle to the barrel for a solid feel. This leaves the barrel with zero friction, a perfect grip, and zero vibration.

It is a light performance plus composite that hits hard and lasts long. It comes is various lengths which include the 30”, 31”, 32”, 33”, and 34”. If you want to hit a Jennie Finch pitch, this is probably the best bat for you.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10)
  • Performance PLUS Composite with zero friction double wall design
  • is technology
  • 2-piece bat construction

Mizuno 2016 Nighthawk Softball BatMizuno Nighthawk double wall softball bat

The Mizuno Nighthawk is the perfect two-piece softball bat. It has a length to weight ratio of -10 and is made of black onyx carbon composite. We were impressed by the flawless design that allows flexing of the barrel at the contact point. It has zero vibration even on hitting a fast pitch, and the perfect grip is fantastic, with no friction.

The barrel has a 2.25-inch diameter and is double-walled, made with X-Zone technology, and this extends your bat’s sweet spot for maximum hits. This, of course, maximizes your chances of hitting an Alex Stewart pitch into the stands. The best thing about the bat is that it is approved for use in almost every league including the ISF, USSSA, ISA, ASA, and the NSA. Sure of their technology, Mizuno offers a one-year guarantee.

Mizuno 2016 Nighthawk Softball Bat, White/Blue, 30"/19 oz
  • New x-zone Technology adjust composite angles into 10 specific zones to expand the sweet spot and create higher exit speeds across the barrel
  • Double wall Technology provides thinner walls with added durability. Allows for higher peak performance out of the wrapper and larger sweet spot
  • Patented 2-piece link construction combines both a composite barrel and composite handle connected with a vibration eliminating elastomer

Anderson Bat Company Rocketech 2.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat
rocketech double wall bat

Games and sports are made more fun if performance is good, and the Rocketech 2.0 injects the fun by improving your performance. Made with the super-strong aerospace alloy, it is a light bat that packs a good punch in it. The end-loaded barrel gives momentum to each hit while the sweet spot provides a pop effect that sends the ball to the skies scoring multiple runs.

The bat has a spiral-padded grip that makes it comfortable to handle, stabilizes your balance, and increases everyone’s safety at the diamond. It is approved for ASA, NSA, USSSA, and the ISA leagues.

Anderson Bat Company Rocketech 2.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat, 34-Inch/28-Ounce
  • Ab-9000 aerospace alloy
  • Double wall/end load design
  • Padded spiral grip - swing not only with more balance but comfort

Axe Bat 2020 Avenge (-6, 2-1/4′) Balanced USSSA Slowpitch Double Wall Bat


If you are looking for a hard-hitting slow-pitch bat with a light-weight handle, then this is your best bet. Axe Bat used their Handle Isolation Technology to make sure you do not experience any vibrations once the barrel makes contact with the ball. The technology allows for a fast swing and a barrel that stiffens on contact, yet quickly absorbing the aftershocks, so the handle remains vibration free.

The Slow-pitch Axe bat has a handle providing a stable grip, allowing baseball players to swing faster with more control and hit the ball farther, harder and better. The Axe bat is approved by USSSA, NSA, and ISA.

Wanted Senior Slowpitch Bat (Short - 34 in. L (26 oz.))
  • Multiple weighting and barrel options provide a fit for all types of players and hitting styles
  • This two-piece design features Combat's exclusive Handle Isolation Technology which allows for maximum store-and-release power while eliminating any sting on contact
  • Bat Specifications Construction: Two-Piece Construction

DeMarini 2014 CF6 Insane WTDXCFI Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10)Demarini double wall softball bat

It is always very satisfying to have a double wall softball bat that gives you a perfect swing, a great hit, and no back-vibrations. The CF6 Insane is an innovatively crafted piece of Demarini bat that can change your whole game. The barrel has a much longer and wider sweet spot than most fast-pitch bats in the market. The composite allows the barrel to be responsive in action, and absorbent of the aftershock. The end-cap allows you to increase the end-load if you want more power in your swing while the paradox composite makes for a greater pop to your hits.

The CF6 Insane is built with a D-Fusion handle which eliminates vibrations while giving you a good grip on the bat. It is approved for NSA, USSSA, and ASA leagues and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee trial.

DeMarini CF7 Insane -10 Fastpitch Baseball Bat, Black/Green, 33-Inch/23-Ounce
  • Breakthrough D-Fusion handle enhances the performance of the barrel, while improving feel
  • Carbon Reinforced Paradox handle is stiffer for maximum energy transfer
  • Thermo-fused Taper reduces vibration and redirects energy back into the barrel - propelling the ball on impact


When you are facing fast pitches coming at you at over 60mph, you want a reliable softball bat that will connect and get your runners on bases and around the diamond. You want a fast pitch bat that rarely misses, giving you all the singles, bunting, and slapping that your offensive strategy requires to win. And you want this without leaving your hand limp from vibrations. You need a light bat that allows quick movements and a handle that will not slip.

On the other hand, if you are batting in a slow pitch game, you want a powerful double wall bat that will provide a good pop and score you home run after home run. You will need a bat that has a heavier barrel and with a comfortable grip.

Apart from weight and grip, there are other factors to consider when picking the right bat for you. Your height and weight compared to the height and weight of the bat will determine how well and accurately you swing.

When testing out a new bat, you will make a better decision if you test when in your full kit. This will give you a better feel of the expected performance under game conditions.

While the above list the best double wall softball bats in the market today, you need to identify which ones are permitted in your particular league. Avoid using a fast pitch bat in a slow pitch game as this may result in denting. A slow pitch bat in a fast pitch game may negatively affect your performance if the weight inhibits your swing speeds.

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