Best ASA Softball Bats For 2018 – Top Rated For Slowpitch and Fastpitch

Every year, Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) approves a number of slowpitch and fastpitchSoftball Bats For Slowpitch and Fastpitch softball bats which immediately become the best ASA softball bats in the market.

This is because any bat not approved by ASA is not allowed to be used in any ASA match while ASA-approved bats come with clearly certification stamps.

ASA softball bats are typically tested to perform within a certain limit so that all players have a level playing field regardless of the bat they use in a match.

A limit on the maximum performance of a softball bat also ensures the safety of the players on the field. The bats approved by ASA each year can be broadly categorized into two categories.

Best ASA Softball Bats For Slowpitch

Best ASA Softball Bats For Fastpitch

Types of ASA softball bats

Typically, ASA softball bats are divided into two types of bats. One type of ASA softball bats are the slowpitch bats which are meant for use in games which don’t involve very high-speed pitching. The other type of ASA softball bats, the fastpitch bats, are intended for games involving pitching with more velocity.

Every year, a wide range of ASA-approved bats become available in each category. Below we have provided a quick introduction to what a slowpitch and a fastpitch bat means and have recommended some of the best ASA softball bats in each category for the year 2016 – 2018.

Review of the Best ASA slowpitch softball bats 2018

ASA slowpitch softball bats are typically made from carbon fiber composite material. As per ASA regulations, they usually weigh between 26 and 30 ounces in weight and generally extend up to 34 inches in length. A number of excellent ASA-approved slowpitch softball bats have been released during this year.

We have shortlisted the absolute best out of a long list and provided brief reviews of them below. A quick look at these reviews will help you decide exactly which bat is suitable for you.

1. DeMarini Flipper OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat

DeMarini Flipper OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini Flipper Aftermath OG is one of the hottest ASA slowpitch bats for this year. This bat comes with a huge 13-inch handle which allows it to pack a barrel with a massive sweet spot. DeMarini has constructed this bat from composite material so that there is a small air gap between two layers of composite material in the barrel.

This allows for the bat’s barrel to offer a lot of trampoline effect and hit the softball farther on the field. The overall design of this bat is also quite innovative, packing a Dish End Cap which helps you balance the swing of the bat and channel all the momentum of a swing into the barrel. Flipper Aftermath comes with a ZnX alloy handle which is suitable for some power hitting.

The handle is stiff which means that it doesn’t deflect much during a hit and forces the power of a swing to be channeled through the barrel without letting it go into the handle. This means that if you are looking for some power hitting, this bat will let you hit balls all over the field. Certified for use in all ASA matches, this bat is available in a length of 34” and weight options of 26 ounces, 27 ounces, and 28 ounces. Update: New and improved model available click the link below.

DeMarini ASA Flipper OG 17 Slow Pitch Bat, 27 oz
  • 13 inch divergence gap: two layers of composite materials Sandwich an air gap, creating a Super responsive sweet spot
  • Znx alloy handle: by increasing stiffness and durability, the znx alloy handle flexes less and forces the barrel to deflect more for increased overall barrel performance
  • Dish end cap: a concave design creates mass stiffness at the end of the barrel while driving energy back towards the sweet spot

2. Easton SP16BHA Helmer CXN ZERO Loaded ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Easton SP16BHA is another one of the top ASA slowpitch bats for this year. This bat comes with a 12-inch barrel which offers a fairly large sweet spot. The standout feature of this Easton bat is that it comes with an end-loaded weight which allows for some powerful hitting if you master the balance of this bat.

With a powerful 2 ¼ inch barrel, Easton’s brand name is sufficient to ensure that this bat comes build in excellent design and with superior construction materials. Easton has used TCT Thermo Composite technology in the construction of this bat which allowed the barrel to offer heavy-duty performance in the hands of the right player.

The bat is approved for use in all ASA matches. Made entirely from composite material in a two-piece design, the bat’s overall shape directs most of your swinging momentum into the barrel. Update: This bat is not available, but the Easton Salvo Composite Slow-Pitch Softball Bat is just as good if not better. Check the link below to see this bat.

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat, 34-Inch/28-Ounce
  • IMX Advanced Composite barrel: Optimizes the sweet spot for maximum performance
  • Single System Composite Design: Increases bat control
  • 29/32" handle with ultra-thin gauze grip

3. Miken DC-41 14″ Supermax ASA Two-Piece Slowpitch Softball Bat

Two-Piece Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Miken DC-41 bat is an ASA-approved bat which comes with the solid reputation of Mikne’s 2014 precursor to it. This 2016 model packs a Triple Matrix Core which eliminates all wall seams through the barrel and adds to both its size and trampoline effect. The result is a solid barrel which is literally a hitting machine.

Miken has constructed this bat in a two-piece design using its proprietary Flex 2 Power design. F2P maximizes the whipping effect that a handle adds in a two-piece bat, thereby allowing this bat to carry maximum speed and hitting prowess when going through the hitting zone.

Made entirely from aerospace grade fiber, the bat has a consistent overall feel and is among the top performers when it comes 2016’s ASA slowpitch bats. The bat is available in a length of 34” with weight options of 26 ounces, 27 ounces, 28 ounces and 30 ounces. Update: This bat is not available. Check the link below a comparable substitute.

Miken DC41 Denny Crine Four Piece ASA Supermax Softball Bat, Black, 34"/26 oz
  • Miken tetra core technology optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube, increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness
  • Miken sensi-flex maximizes energy transfer from handle to barrel increasing bat head speed through the hitting zone
  • 100 % composite. Size- 2 1/4 inch. Barrel Length- 14 inch

4. Worth HD52 SBH52A ASA Balanced Composite Slow Pitch Bat

The Worth HD52 is among the top slowpitch choices for ASA matches. This bat comes not just with a great design and the promise of a powerful performance but also with a very cool outlook. Worth has implemented its Tri-Seamless technology in the construction of this bat which leaves the barrel of this bat without any obstructing seams and optimized for top performance.

Balanced Composite Slow Pitch Bat

The bat is made in a one-piece design and is constructed entirely from composite material. Worth has designed this bat with specific consideration for the Hot Dot 52/300 compression softball, so you can expect to perform really well when playing with the said type of softball. The bat has a balanced weight which allows for some confident swinging on the field. It is available in 34” length with corresponding weight options of 26 ounces, 27 ounces, and 28 ounces.

Worth HD52 SBH52A ASA Balanced Composite Slow Pitch Bat, Green, 34"/28 oz
  • HD52 Tech - tuned to maximize performance and durability with the Use of a hot dot 52/300 ball
  • Approved by ASA (not approved for any other associations)
  • 100 percent composite - barrel is made solely from composite materials - made in the USA

5. Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA Balanced Bat

Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA Balanced Bat

Louisville Slugger is a well-known line of slowpitch softball bats. The Z-4000 Slugger from the company is yet another in a line of top-quality slowpitch bats. Louisville has constructed this bat with 100% composite material, ensuring the premium feel and quality of the handle as well as the barrel.

With an absolutely balanced swing weight, this bat is incredibly smooth to swing and hitting distant shots with it comes pretty naturally to most players. It has a TRU3 design which means that the bat comes with a three-piece construction, with a firm connection between the handle and the barrel which mitigates any feedback vibrations on the handle and adds the full momentum of a swing to the barrel.

The 7/8” tapered handle of the bat is very easy to grasp and offers a firm grip when swinging high-speed at the plate. The bat is approved for use in all ASA matches and is available in weight options of 26 ounces, 27 ounces, 28 ounces and 30 ounces.

Louisville Slugger Z4 Backman Shoppe Power Load, 34 inch/26.5 oz
  • 100% pure 360 composite design
  • Patented TRU3 technology reduces vibration and provides unmatched feel on contact
  • 3-Piece bat construction

Review of the Best ASA fastpitch softball bats 2018

Fastpitch softball bats are such bats which are designed and constructed with an eye towards fastpitch softball games. In fastpitch games, the speed of the softball is typically greater so the bats meant to tackle such high-speed pitches are usually designed to give the players sufficient performance prowess without hitting the ball with too great a force.

This is usually done to ensure the safety of the players on the field. Every year, ASA approves a list of fastpitch bats which it deems appropriate for use in ASA-related league matches. This year as well, ASA has shortlisted a long list of approved bats.

We have further shortlisted these bats to pick out the five absolute best ASA-approved fastpitch softball bats. Following are brief reviews of these bats which will help you find out the one which suits you best.

1. Worth 2 Legit Fast Pitch Composite Bat (4 Piece)

Legit Fast Pitch Composite Bat

This is among the best fastpitch softball bats that are carrying ASA’s approval stamp this year. The Worth 2 Legit has been constructed in a four-piece design which ensures maximum performance. The bat carries a double-barrel which with its reinforced design offers optimal hitting force and a lot of trampoline effect.

Worth has included a 360-degree end cap which helps you maintain good balance while swinging this bat. The four-design design of the bat also ensures that when you hit the softball at the plate, you feel no sting at all on the handle. This bat is available in lengths ranging from 30” to 34” and corresponding weights ranging from 20 ounces to 23 ounces.

Worth 2 Legit Fast Pitch Composite Bat (4 Piece), 33"/23 oz.
  • 2x4 Logic creates insane pop, distance, and flex
  • Reinforced 360 end cap and composite taper patch deliver equal performance with increased durability
  • Back by a 30 day performance guarantee

2. Marucci Pure Fastpitch Softball Bat

Marucci dishes out a range of fastpitch softball bats each year, all of them perked up with some of the most dashing looks available on the market. This year, the Marucci Pure is leading the company’s fastpich line-up with the ASA approval on its back.

Fastpitch Softball Bat

This bat comes with a 2 ¼” barrel which is constructed entirely from composite material and has a ring-free multi-wall design. Such designs ensure longer durability of the bat, optimal performance of the barrel and a sizable sweet spot. Multi-wall construction ensures great flex and trampoline effect while hitting which means that you are able to hit farther with this bat.

The two-piece overall construction of the bat is also advantageous in that it minimizes any feedback vibrations from the barrel to the handle. This lets you handle this Pure bat with confidence and a steady grip throughout your hitting. The bat carries a drop weight of minus 10 and is available in lengths ranging from 28” to 34” and corresponding weights ranging from 17 ounces to 24 ounces.

Marucci Pure Fastpitch Softball Bat, 30 inch/20 oz
  • Sdx: shock dissipating connection technology provides a smooth, solid feeling at contact by dismissing vibrations giving players total confidence at the plate
  • Maximum barrel length offers a larger sweet spot for more confidence and maximum performance
  • Two-piece composite construction

3. 2016 Easton FP16S312 FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton is among those softball bat manufacturers who don’t need an introduction. The company has excelled, year after year, in delivering some of the top fastpitch softball bats. And this year is no exception. The FS3 bat from Easton comes with an advanced composite material construction which makes its barrel perfectly suited for premium performance on the field.

With a large sweet spot on the barrel and a perfectly balanced overall weight, this bat is ideal for confident hitting during ASA matches. The bat carries a weight drop of minus 12 and has a two-piece construction. The two-piece construction of the bat ensures that power hitters are able to swing this bat with great force through the hitting area.

The design also ensures that regardless of how hard you hit the softball, you will little to no feedback on the handle of the bat. The handle itself has a 29/32” profile and is topped with an HYPERSKINATM grip which helps you steady your grasp when hitting on the plate. With a 24 ¼” barrel, this bat is one of the best fastpitch softball bats of the year. It is available in lengths ranging from 28” to 34” and corresponding weights ranging from 16 ounces to 22 ounces.

2016 Easton FP16S312 FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-12) - 31/19
  • IMX Advanced Composite barrel optimizes the sweet spot for maximum performance
  • CXN ZERO 2-piece ConneXion Technology engineered for zero vibration and ultimate performance
  • Ultra-thin 29/32" composite handle with all new 1.2mm HYPERSKIN Grip

4. Miken Halo Light Composite Fast Pitch Softball Bat

Light Composite Fast Pitch Softball Bat

Miken has a name for producing the lightest and rather durable fastpitch softball bats each year. The bats manufactured by Miken are a good balance between optimal quality and affordability. This year, the Halo Light bat from Miken is topping the charts given its excellent design.

This ASA-approved bat has a 100% composite construction. Miken has used its special high-grade carbon fiber production in toughening up the overall make of the bat while ensuring a low weight at the same time. As a result, the Halo Light is one of the lightest fastpitch softball bats out there.

At a weight of 16.5 ounces, this bat is ideally suited for younger softball players seeking to carry a bat which they can swing with ease and confidence. The bat is approved for use in all ASA matches.

Miken Halo Light Composite Fast Pitch Softball Bat, Purple, 32-Inch/19.5-Ounce
  • Miken's proprietary HPI Injects Ultra tough epoxy into the highest grade carbon fibers producing game changing performance and durability
  • 100 Comp is the revolutionary formula that changed the game and introduced certified Miken High performance equipment
  • Made in USA

5. DeMarini 2016 Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini 2016 Uprising is our final shortlisted bat for the current year. This bat finds its place among the best fastpitch softball bats of 2016 and carries an ASA-approved stamp. Although comparatively modest in its specifications, this bat has proven a formidable bat when in the hands of a power hitter.

Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat

Its DX1 alloy construction means that the player wielding this bat has to rely more on her power than on the prowess of the bat. However, if you can swing this bat with adequate force, it will outdo most other bats on the field. The bat carries a 2 ¼” barrel and an incredibly affordable price tag.

Alloy construction also means that the bat is fairly durable and can last through rough and tough use. DeMarini has included a Hybrid Performance Grip on the bat which means that any vibrations from the barrel to the handle are minimized. This bat has a weight drop of -12 and is available in lengths ranging from 28” to 32” with corresponding weights ranging from 16 ounces to 20 ounces.

DeMarini Uprising (-12), 32 Inch/20 oz
  • Age group: 8 - 15
  • Weight drop: -12
  • Certification: USSSA, ASA, NSA 2012, ISA, ISF

The 4 Best ASA Softball Bat Brands

The sheer number of companies who offer ASA-approved softball bats makes it hard for you to decide which bats are indeed top-quality and will ensure optimal performance on the field. To help you grapple with this, we have shortlisted the top 4 manufacturers of ASA-approved softball bats. These manufacturers typically have multiple bats approved by ASA each year and have a history of offering some of the best-performing bats year after year.


DeMarini is among the most premium softball bat manufacturers. Every year, the company dishes out a wide set of softball bats, many of which can muster the ASA approval stamp.

The company is known for continuously innovating its bats, often leading the charge with many new technologies which other manufacturers are quick to adopt. An obvious example of this came back in 2010 when DeMarini introduced its Silver Trace technology, further optimizing its softball bats.

Likewise, every year the flagship softball bats offered by the company are considered among the best bats and usually carry innovative technologies to boot. If you are purchasing a DeMarini ASA softball bat, you can rest assured of the quality of your purchase.


Easton is yet another name in the baseball bat industry which needs no introduction. The company has been around for more than half a century and is a well-known brand when it comes to softball bats.

Every year, Easton releases an extensive range of softball bats and the remarkable thing about Easton is that the company carries some of the best softball players as its brand ambassadors. So you can see hundreds of professional players carrying Easton softball bats each year.

One of the key reasons for the excellent quality of Easton’s ASA softball bats is that they company remains at the cutting-edge of innovation and incorporates new technologies into the construction of its bats each year. Another eminent feature of Easton’s softball bats is that they come with a wide price range, giving players with different budget ranges to easily afford different Easton models.


Miken is a comparatively recent company when it comes to softball bats. However, Miken has been able to make a prominent place for itself in the softball manufacturing industry due to its insistence on the high quality of its bats.

The company is known for producing some of the best softball bats each year. Although Miken’s top-end bats may carry a relatively steep price tag, it is usually justified because the company produces only the absolute best bats.

One of the most impressive features of Miken’s softball bats is the use of the Triple Matrix Core technology which essentially eliminates any seams in the barrel of a softball bat and enables the barrel to offer optimal hitting prowess.


Worth is a Canadian manufacturer of softball bats and in recent years, the company has gained significant momentum due to its high-quality bats. The softball bats line-up offered by company each year include top-end bats for professionals as well as simpler and more affordable bats for beginners.

The company is known for producing some of the best alloy-made softball bats. These bats come with good pop and offer significant performance but they may not be at par with the composite softball bats offered by other manufacturers. Nevertheless, Worth is a reliable brand name and when it comes to alloy softball bats for beginners, the company overwhelms most other brands.

Alloy vs. Composite ASA softball bats.

When it comes to choosing the right ASA softball bat, you will typically have to decide between an alloy or composite bat. Each type of bat, as the name suggests, is constructed from one of the two materials. Alloy bats typically have a one-piece design, have thinner barrel which offers optimal performance and carry a significantly lower price tag.

Composite bats, on the other hand, are made from graphite, carbon fiber or a mixture of different materials. Composite bats are typically meant for professional performance on the field and carry a fairly steep price tag with the guarantee of great hitting prowess. They also have a barrel which offers a lot of trampoline effect.

ASA vs. NSA softball bats.

ASA and NSA approve a set of softball bats each year. The bats approved by each association are respectively used in the league matches overlooked by the respective association. ASA approves such bats which, when hitting a softball bat, typically do not exceed the speed limit of 98 miles per hour.

This regulation overlooks the approval ASA offers to ASA-approved bats each year. NSA bats, in comparison, are hotter and NSA tends to relax the speed limit in its matches. Compared to the 98 miles per hour exit speed limit of ASA, NSA tends to allow bats which can hit as high as 120 mph. So the hitting prowess which NSA bats offer is typically greater than that of ASA bats. At the same time, ASA bats are safer to use due to their low exit-speed while NSA bats are hotter and consequently less safe to use.

When it comes to finding the best ASA softball bats 2018, you have to consider the list of approved bats and only then decide the bat you would purchase. Otherwise, you will end up buying a bat which ASA hasn’t approved and you may not be allowed to wield it on an ASA match.

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