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Best Baseball Gloves [2022 Update]

There’s nothing quite like the solid “smack” of a baseball meeting the palm of your glove – particularly when that glove fits perfectly and feels great. On the other hand, the wrong glove can spell disaster for your season – and leave you searching for a better option all over again. To save you some effort and help you make a great choice the first time around, we’ve compiled this list of the best baseball gloves currently on the market.

Quick Links: Our Picks for Best Baseball Gloves

  1. Best of the Best: Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove (11.5-Inch)
  2. Best for Budget: Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series
  3. Best for Under $100: Wilson A500 Baseball Glove
  4. Best for Under $200: Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove
  5. Best for 10-11 year old: Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series
  6. Best for Youth: Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove
  7. Best Batting Gloves: Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves
  8. Best for Outfield: Shoeless Joe Gloves Modified Trap Brown Glove
  9. Best for Infield: Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

It’s worth noting that full-grain leather baseball gloves have a certain appeal, particularly after they’ve been broken in and worked through plenty of practice sessions. Where most things tend to deteriorate over the years, a quality leather baseball glove improves with repeated use.

At the same time, space-age materials are worth a look, particularly if you’re interested in saving money. Hybrid gloves provide some cost savings, and they typically last a bit longer than synthetic gloves.

With this and a few other considerations in mind, here are our top picks for best baseball glove.

Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove (11.5-Inch)


The Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove is made in America, with premium, American-sourced steer hide in rich black and brown tones.

Like some of the best baseball gloves from yesteryear, it features extra-wide lacing, also of steerhide.

This glove comes in a few of the most popular sizes, and is embellished with the Louisville Slugger logo.

The Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove is a great choice for players with small to medium hands, but those with large hands might feel that it’s a bit of a tight squeeze.

We recommend picking up one size bigger than usual if you’re at the top of your size range, since this can minimize the need for adjustments.

Now that we’ve got the size issue out of the way, let’s move on to quality. This isn’t one of those baseball gloves that arrives ready to use right out of the box.

While the extended break-in period takes a bit of work and just a little patience, the tough steerhide will last far longer than thinner, cheaper leathers and fabrics used in lower-priced baseball gloves. Premium materials, and attention to detail make this a top-notch glove that will last for many seasons to come.


  • Tight factory lacing fits smaller hands well and can be adjusted to suit larger hands
  • Excellent quality for serious players
  • Moderate pricing


  • Some buyers report that the break-in period is longer than average
  • Sizes run small

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove



Mizuno’s GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove comes in left and right hand throw configurations, and is designed to help young ball players catch the right way while enjoying greater success.

With a Parashock Palm Pad to absorb impact, Mizuno’s PowerClose, V-Flex Notch, PowerLock, and Heel Flex technology for easier catching, it’s meant to build confidence while enhancing technique.

This baseball glove is made with a combination of soft pigskin and synthetic materials for a supple feel straight out of the box, and is sized right for most little leaguers between the ages of 7 and 11.

We chose the Mizuno GPP1150Y1 as a best in-class baseball glove for little league due to its quality components, its many helpful features, and its affordable price.

While you might be tempted to spend $100 or more on a glove for your little leaguer, this one requires little to no break-in while offering outstanding comfort plus it gets excellent ratings for its usability as well as its durability.

There’s more: The fact that this baseball glove helps young players boost confidence can make a major difference not only in this season’s outcome, but in years to come as well. While one reviewer reported an issue with durability, most are pleased with the quality, fit, and usability as well as player improvement.


  • Good combination of quality and affordability
  • Technological features improve catching for beginners
  • No lengthy break-in period


  • May be a little too large for smaller/younger children
  • One report of broken laces after a few months

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series



The Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove features rugged leather components in your choice of brown, black, or contrasting black and brown colors, and has been pre-oiled for easier break in.

Designed with Mizuno’s patented 3D technology, this glove offers an ultra soft palm for enhanced control, added support in the fingers, and roll welting that enhances its appearance while providing a more structured feel.

A modified T-web enhances flexibility. Handcrafted by certified technicians, it combines fit, performance, and comfort for enhanced performance on the field. This baseball glove is available in left and right hand throw configurations.

While the Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series might have less padding than some other gloves,  the tradeoff is greater flexibility as well as more sensitivity toward the feel of the ball.

At a bit over 12 inches high, it’s taller than some other gloves, extending the wearer’s reach.

We like the fact that this glove doesn’t require too much breaking in, and we think you’ll appreciate its handsome, classic appearance as much as we do. It’s not the cheapest baseball glove on the market.

But it is a fairly affordable choice that stands up well to the rigors of serious high school and college play.


  • Attractive, classic appearance
  • Performs well in all positions, especially outfield
  • Great for pitchers; tall enough to hide the ball from the batter
  • Comfortable, yet offers a solid, stable feel


  • A bit less padding in the palm than some players prefer

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series



Affectionately known as the Rawlings HOH, Rawlings Heart of Hide baseball gloves are made from the best quality steer hides available.

Tennessee Tanning brand rawhide laces impart strength and durability, while deer-tanned cowhide inner liners provide a softer feel. Padded thumb sleeves provide added comfort.

These baseball gloves are available in left and right hand throw configurations, and are ideal for pitchers, shortstops, and 3rd base players. They arrive pre-oiled and 30% broken in, allowing each individual to to create a custom fit.

Rawlings has put tons of research into their gloves and it really shows in the Heart of Hide series.

We tried to find a reason to dislike this glove, but couldn’t. While there’s one report of a quality control issue, the majority of players love everything about the Heart of Hide glove and enjoy its reliable performance from one season to the next.

It is exceptional in terms of comfort, quality, and durability – and it’s got a very well-earned reputation as one of the best baseball gloves on the market.


  • Several webbing configurations to choose from: Basket, Pro H, Double Bar, Single Post, or 1-Piece Solid
  • Suitable for softball as well as baseball, great for players who enjoy both sports
  • Excellent longevity; lasts several seasons with proper care


  • Higher price than some other popular baseball gloves
  • One report of laces breaking

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove



The Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove is designed with the needs of recreational players in mind. Crafted of full-grain buffalo leather in your choice of a variety of black and brown colors as well as in left and right hand throw configurations, it offers Zero Shock palm padding for added protection from impact.

A Flex Loop velcro strap provides easy adjustment for a fit that feels just right, and different webbing configurations enhance play.

This glove has been 80 percent broken in, so it’s possible to start playing straight out of the box if desired. It is suitable for softball as well as baseball.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive baseball glove from a top manufacturer, we think you’ll appreciate this one.

The Rawlings Player Preferred baseball glove is a favorite with recreational players, who tend to mention its affordability and short break-in period as positive factors, along with the extra padding in the palm, which takes the sting out of fast-moving balls.

While a few reviewers had problems with durability and some with large hands found the glove to be a bit too tight, the majority are highly satisfied, reporting that they enjoyed the fit, feel, and performance, particularly when considering the low price.


  • Little to no break-in required, great for players in a hurry to get on the field with their new glove
  • Fairly inexpensive, particularly given the all-leather construction
  • Comfortable feel


  • A few reports of accelerated wear, i.e. broken webbing, topstitching coming out after a few months
  • May run a touch small

Rawlings Players Series Youth Glove Series



Available in a few different colors to please your little player’s individual sense of style, the Rawlings Players Series Youth Glove features soft synthetic Neo-Flex construction for pliability, faster closing, and reliable control. A flexible basket web adds even greater ease, while a soft inner lining protects little hands from impact.

A velcro strap provides a customized fit. This 11-inch youth baseball glove arrives 100 percent broken in, so kids can hit the field without an extended wait. A soft baseball is included, allowing little players to begin practicing their catches right away.

While the Rawlings players Series Youth Glove isn’t designed to last for several seasons, it’s a great choice for kids who are just starting out.

We think it’s one of the best T-ball gloves around, thanks to its classic configuration and soft feel.

The flexible design means fewer dropped balls, and the colors add quite a bit of character. It’s worth noting that this glove should not be subjected to any heat treatments as the synthetic materials will melt.


  • Very comfortable
  • Well-made; far better than many other kids baseball gloves
  • Pliable materials make it easy for inexperienced players to catch and hold balls


  • Small size is quickly outgrown
  • Less durable than a real leather baseball glove

Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves



With your choice of a few popular web designs and an adjustable Velcro strap, the Rawlings Renegade series baseball glove features enhanced impact protection via a high-density cushioned leather palm and finger pads.

This glove offers a deep, flexible pocket and a synthetic Neo-Flex back for reliable performance and a pliable feel, and it arrives 90 percent broken in.

This glove comes in several different sizes, and is available in right and left hand throw configurations.

True, the Rawlings Renegade Series baseball glove isn’t a premium product.

Still, we feel that it’s one of the best baseball gloves for casual recreational baseball and softball players as well as for parents who want a good glove for playing catch or helping kids with batting practice.


  • Excellent choice for budget-conscious players
  • Adjustable for a precise, comfortable fit
  • Arrives in game-ready condition


  • 90% break in isn’t ideal for those who want to create a custom fit
  • Not 100 percent leather, may not last as long as an all-leather glove

Shoeless Joe Gloves Modified Trap Brown Glove



Made with 100 percent antique tobacco tanned cowhide, the Shoeless Joe Modified Trap glove has been hand-rubbed for softness and a pleasing vintage appearance.

A soft leather liner imparts comfort, and pre-conditioning makes it suitable for use on arrival. This baseball glove comes in a few different sizes for left and right handed throwers.

Players who long for the good old days are sure to appreciate Shoeless Joe baseball gloves for their all-leather construction.

These gloves are soft and pliable on arrival, and are improved further by traditional breaking in methods. You can pound them with a mallet, heat them up, wrap them with a ball to create the perfect pocket, and of course, enjoy lots of long practice sessions.

The vintage look isn’t for everyone, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include at least one Shoeless Joe model in our lineup!


  • Classic appearance and great leather smell
  • Easy to customize
  • Great for all positions, excellent for outfielders


  • One report of defective product; glove arrived with hard leather and had to be returned

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series


Made with pro stock leather that has been selected expressly for use in baseball gloves, the Wilson A2000 baseball glove is designed to be broken in by the player on arrival.

It offers dual welting for enhanced strength and pocket performance.

Wilson’s signature Dri-Lex lining gives the wrist a cool, dry feel even in hot weather. Stout laces and contrasting trim impart an attractive appearance.

This popular baseball glove is available in a number of sizes and configurations for left and right handed throwers playing every position on the field.

Ready to take your game to the next level? The Wilson A2000 baseball glove is among the best for rising stars.

Thanks to its durable materials and malleability, players can get the custom fit they crave and then enjoy catch after catch, season after season.

This glove may not be the cheapest, but it’s priced competitively when compared with others in its league, and it’ll deliver years or even decades of enjoyable play with proper treatment.


  • Long-lasting quality
  • Great for hard-working varsity players; withstands tough, extended use
  • Users can easily achieve a custom fit, even without steaming


  • Not ideal for those who want a game-ready glove; takes some work to break in

Wilson A500 Baseball Glove


The Wilson A500 baseball glove is made with top-grain leather, and offers real leather laces.

Double palm construction imparts durability while providing a good combination of protection and flexibility, and rolled dual welting adds strength while contributing to the glove’s classic good looks.

Left and right hand configurations are available.

Designed with the needs of young players in mind, the Wilson A500 baseball glove offers similar features to those found in the brand’s top-end models, at a price that won’t break the bank.

A great choice for little leaguers who are ready to move from a synthetic glove to one made with real leather, it’s meant to offer a lightweight, comfortable feel while lasting for multiple seasons.


  • Quality materials
  • Surprisingly low price
  • Easy to break in with play and some conditioning


  • A little too big for the youngest players, i.e. T-ball age kids

Bonus Pick

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series - Pro Stock Leather


This item has earned Editors' Choice for its outstanding quality and If you make a quick Google search on the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series, you would find out that it is considered to be one the best infield glove in the whole world right now. It is one of the brands which has tried and tested their formula to develop a glove so sturdy and at the same time comfortable for your use. It has most needed construction and glove dimensions which earn it the title of being one of the best in the world. What makes it so desirable is that the glove perfectly fits into four categories which most of the people look for while making a purchase.

The size is the first factor which makes it so appealing. It runs 11.5 inches from the web tip to the heel. Most of the middle infielders and the 3rd baseman prefer a glove of this size. The entrance of the glove is ideal. It features a traditional style which is not too big or nor too small. It has got some extra padding in the heel which is enough to make the glove comfortable but not extravagant to make it hard to make exchanges. The newer versions have a lot more padding than the earlier versions. This makes it a dream glove for any infielder.

Wilson uses pro stock leather to make their gloves. Each company has their secret ingredient when it comes to making their star products. This is Wilson's secret ingredient. The leather is collected from the specially raised cows in Japan whose sole purpose in life is to provide quality leather for making Wilson's gloves. All their A2000 models use the Pro Stock leather. They have also set the industry standards for infielder gloves with the design and pocket size. With a little research, it can be seen that some of the other companies in the market use Wilson's gloves as their template for design and pocket size.


  • Pro Stock Leather
  • Perfect size
  • Sturdy and comfortable


  • The heel padding can make exchanges a little difficult

Considerations When Choosing A Baseball Glove

When it comes to baseball gloves, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all option. Some gloves do a great job of covering all positions – and these are perfect for recreational players who tend to cover different positions throughout the season. On the other hand, serious infielders and outfielders typically want gloves designed expressly for the position they play most often. Here are a few more guidelines to keep in mind as you choose the best baseball glove for your needs.

  • Which hand? Be sure to choose a glove to fit your non-dominant hand. If you throw with your right hand, you want a glove to fit your left, and vice-versa.
  • Leather, synthetic, or combination? An all-leather baseball glove typically lasts longest, though if you’re someone who simply plays catch with the kids you’re probably fine with a combination glove. Synthetic gloves do not normally stand up to tough conditions, although they’re a far cheaper alternative to those made with real leather. If you’re in a financial tight spot, you might consider purchasing a used leather baseball glove over a full synthetic one!
  • Break in or not? If you have a little time, consider breaking in your glove It’s the best way to get the perfect pocket and ensure that your glove works well with your unique hand motions. If you’re short on time, get a glove that’s mostly broken in so you can start playing as soon as it arrives. You can still do some breaking in and with time on the field, your glove will eventually mold to your hand and deliver a pleasing fit.
  • Price? It’s true that the best baseball gloves tend to cost a bit more, but serious players need a great glove that delivers durability and comfort for multiple seasons on end – think Rawlings Heart of Hide or Wilson A2000. If you’re playing casually though, you’re likely to enjoy a moderately-priced glove such as the Rawlings Renegade or Player Preferred. Our advice is to get the best you can afford.

With just a little comparison, it’s easy to choose the best baseball glove for yourself or your little sprout. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll find yourself enjoying a glove that fits well and performs the way you want it to. We wish you the best of luck this baseball season!