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Top 8 Best Big Barrel Bats Recommended For 2021

The big barrel bats are completely solid and mainly made of Aluminum and Composite. In this article, we shall be showing you some of the Best Big Barrel Bats.

After all, if you wish to enhance your performance in the game, or wish to play baseball professionally, then you need to get high-quality equipment. So without further ado, here they are!

Reviews of The Best Big Barrel Bats 2021

Easton Mako Comp 2 3/4″ Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

easton mako baseball bat

The bats by Mako are made not only for superior performance but also for style. Just one look at these products and you’ll fall in love! Their latest line of baseball bats incorporates a current color combination trend: black and acid green. Now your friends shall not only feel their jaws drop at your performance but also at the cool style of the bat itself. The product comes with several distinct advantages.

First of all, this is a large barrel baseball bat. The barrel’s size is 23/4 inches. This means that if you mean to pack a punch behind that ball and complete more home runs that you have ever thought possible, then this is the perfect bat for you.

Secondly, it comes with a 29/32 centimeters composite handle with a grip of 1.2 mm. The grip is adequately large to hold it. It also prevents your hands from slipping due to sweat. This means that you can play longer!

Thirdly, the TCTATM composite technology not only transfers energy from your hand to the edge of the bat but also provides unrivaled swinging speed. With this bat in your arsenal, you can hit further more often.

Easton Mako Comp 2 3/4" Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat
  • Tct thermo composite technology for a massive sweet spot and unmatched bat speed
  • Patented two-piece connexion technology maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel
  • Ultra-thin 29/32 inch

Combat WG3SL110 28/18 Wanted G3 Senior League Big Barrel Baseball Bat

combat baseball bat

The Combat Youth 2016 Maxum Big Barrel Senior League -10 Baseball Bat is for those who are serious about baseball. It’s one of the best youth big barrel bats on the market. The appearance is of a no-nonsense and all business product. But that does not mean that it can’t grab some eyeballs. It is stylish enough in its own right.

However, its main USP is that it offers high performance in every situation. Here are the features and the benefits of this product.

It comes with a 2 ¾ composite solid barrel which packs a punch behind a pitched ball. These are totally unlike cricket bats. Those are made of wood and quite effective in their own right, but when it comes to packing a punch, baseball bats fulfill the purpose better.

Secondly, it boasts of a 20% weight reduction during swinging. This means that during swinging, you can worry less about the weight of that bat. Swinging it becomes a lot easier when you have this product in your hands.

Thirdly, and this is its greatest benefit, the bat simply offers you a greater hitting surface than competitive grade products.

Fourthly, with its ultra-premium Lizard Skin grip, holding the bat hour after an hour no longer feels like a mammoth task.

Wilson Demarini FP Prism+

wilson demarini prism baseball bat

Want to train your kid how to play baseball? Then you need a good quality product, but which is economic as well. However, although the cost is less than most other products, the quality is not discounted. Its hosts of exciting features make the bat one to watch out for. One thing remains to say before delving deeper into the features.

Its color scheme is truly delightful and yet not too bright. It seems that the DeMarini Company has taken a leaf out of the book of other companies and has adopted the softer version of the popular black and green color scheme.

Firstly, the product includes the Paradox Plus composite build, which decreases its overall weight while handling. For the kids, this is quite an interesting feature. It makes the DeMarini 2016 CF8 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat ideal to be used by the little tykes to develop their hitting skills.

Secondly, the bat is infused with a high strength carbon fiber barrel. This increases the swinging speed of the bat and also enhances the force when hitting the ball.

Thirdly, when your child swings the bat, he or she will find that the energy is transferred to the exact ‘sweet spot’ where the ball is meant to be hit. This is possible due to the ThermoFused Taper technology.

Another feature which makes it ideal to be used by kids is that it comes with a D-fusion handle. This special handle reduces vibration in the bat and transfers energy to the back of the bat or barrel.

DeMarini 2016 NVS Vexxum Big Barrel Junior Baseball Bat

DeMarini is one of the most well-known baseball producing companies in the USA and its products are sold worldwide. The reason for this is not far to see. The product includes many features which make even professional grade products pale in comparison. So without any further ado, here are those exciting features.

First of all, the barrel is made of the find X12ATM alloy. This means that even at the smallest area of the bat you can have maximum impact. This is a very useful feature, an advantage for those who are heavy hitters at heart.

Secondly, its handle is C6 composite. This is specially made to offer more stability and overall balance while playing.

One of its best features is the special cap at the handle-end of the bat, which helps to balance the weight while swinging and also keeps the overall weight low.

Wilson DeMarini NVS Vexxum Big Barrel Baseball Bat, 26"/15.5 oz, Royal/Red/White
  • The lightest swinging aluminum bat is all about generating bat speed
  • With a two-piece design, the X12 alloy barrel and C6 composite handle work together for the quickest, balanced swing possible
  • With an extended sweet spot, the NVR vexed has more pop than EVER

Combat Wanted -8 2014 Senior League Baseball Bat WANSL108 by Combat

The Combat Wanted -8 2014 Senior League Baseball Bat WANSL108 is a professional grade product. One of its greatest features is the incorporation of a single wall construction surface. Other features include the very popular lizard skin grip, a large barrel size and much more.

The single wall construction of the bat is refreshingly awesome because it provides that additional swing power. The unique construction of the bat offers additional stiffness to the surface which packs an extra punch every time you hit the ball.

The ultra performance lizard skin grip is given for a superior grip experience. It is natural that you’ll be sweating during the game. But with this special kind of handle, your hands shall not slip.

The bat’s color scheme is deserving of not as well. It has a refreshing look with its sky blue and white color scheme. Therefore it looks professional and yet stylish at the same time.

The size of the bat is 2 5/8 inches and is therefore ideal for the older players.

Combat Wanted -8 2014 Senior League Baseball Bat WANSL108
  • The single wall construction with variable stiffness profile allows for optimized barrel compression on contact over a wider span, maximizing performance every at-bat
  • Features Ultra Performance Lizard Skins grip
  • Bat Specifications Drop: -8 Senior League Barrel: 2 5/8" Certification: 1.15 USSSA Available Sizes: 30in 22oz,31in 23oz,32in 24oz

Marucci MJBBC6DA 27″ 17 oz

This is one of these aluminum Big barrel bats which became the favorite of baseball enthusiasts all over the country. In fact, within a short time, it became the most bought aluminum baseball bat in the USA. This is due to some fabulous reasons. First of all, the bat in infused with CAT 6 technology, this was the result of years of research.

It was discovered that while using the bat, the vibration resulted at the top of the handle affects performance adversely. In order to counter this problem, which is a common complaint among players, an anti-vibration technology has been used in this product.

With far less vibration to worry about, you can at least concentrate completely on your game. The CAT 6 technology decreases the vibration 6 times than the normal bat. This makes this product ideal for those who wish to concentrate on their game seriously.

The bat comes with a lower length to weight ratio which makes it very easy to swing it. Aluminum baseball bats are lighter as it is comparatively. With this technology, you can swing easily and freely.

The length of the barrel is 2 ¾ inches in diameter which makes it almost a professional size bat. It is made of high-quality alloy which enables you to use it all around the year, whether it is snowing or raining. The color scheme is quite cool looking. The bat is for players between ages 5-8 who wish to take their performance to the next level.

Rawlings SLRP34 Prodigy Youth Big Barrel Bat Minus 10

This is a high-performance baseball bat for the little tykes who love to swing. It is also the perfect gift for your son or daughter who loves this sport. The color combination is funky and is sure to delight the kids.

The bat is made of premium grade aerospace quality alloy for than enhanced performance. Now your kids can take more pride at every stroke.

It has a balanced mass which enables the hitter to swing easily, no matter which batting style he or she is using. The synthetic leather ensures what it remains in the hands of the little types even when they are completing a home run!

Rawlings SLRP34 Prodigy Youth Big Barrel Minus 10, 2 3/4, 26"/16 oz, Orange
  • 2 3/4 inch barrel
  • High strength aerospace alloy generates a balanced feel for any type of hitter
  • Bpf 1.Approved

Easton S400 2 5/8″ Junior Big Barrel (-11) Baseball Bat

This awesome bat is made out of aircraft grade allow, which means fat better speed than your normal baseball bats.

As for the handle, it is large enough to hold tightly with both hands. The size of the handle is 29/32 inches. It comes with a natural grip which makes handling quite easy. The diameter of the barrel itself is 2 5/8 inches.

Aluminum vs Composite Big Barrel Bats

Composite bats may sound like premium baseball bats which give a lot of benefits and that they are better than the ones made of wood, aluminum etc., but this is a matter of perspective. It all depends on where you hear it from. There are sources who opine that if you want to play serious baseball, then choose anything by composite bats. There are, on the other hand, others who say that these are really better than other varieties!

There are many disadvantages in using a composite bat. It is made of premium metal and therefore costs more. While it may seem to be made of harder metals, it gets damaged more easily than aluminum. You cannot use it throughout the wear as these bats do not function well in cold weather. Its swing weight is less than aluminum and wood.

However, the advantages are considerable as well. Composite bats offer better performance and higher durability in comparison to wooden bats. While it is said that composite bats have a debilitating trampoline effect, it is also agreed that this can be tuned effectively. The bending stiffness can be corrected as well. A great advantage of this bat is that vibration is considerably dampened

Aluminum baseball bats are ideal for them who wish to focus on swinging. Therefore if you want to surprise the pitcher every time, then these are ideal for you.

Composite big barrel bats are for those who wish to hit harder and further. The thick metal body offers that extra punch.

Big Barrel Bats vs Standard Bats

Big Barrel bats maybe are comparatively heavier than standard bats, however, if you looking for a better performance on the field, then you need to have one in your arsenal. Standard bats are lighter in weight as they are made of wood and lighter metals. They are great for swinging, but not for hitting harder. However, there is more to it than just that!

For kids, standard bats are better because of the lightweight. Because the weight is distributed evenly throughout the bat, hitters can swing easily and hit the ball. This improves hand-eye coordination. In the case of big barrel bats, the weight is at one end of the bat. Let’s face it. Playing baseball is hard, especially for the hitter. Therefore if you wish to eliminate any additional discomfort, then you may want to buy small barrel bats


In this article, you have seen some of the Best Big Barrel Bats 2017-2018. All of these have their pros and cons. You need to buy the one which matches your skill level for showing off with that unforgettable performance.

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