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Best Field Hockey Sticks [2021 Update]

Every hockey player knows that the stick is a vital piece of equipment. Whether you’re a newcomer or if you’ve been on the pitch for years, the best field hockey stick makes a huge difference in the outcome of your game.

Wood used to be the material of choice, but these days many manufacturers focus on composite materials that combine superior strength with lightweight performance, boosting confidence and helping players hone their skills. Thanks to contemporary engineering processes, even inexpensive field hockey sticks can help you take your game to the next level.

There are many options available, so the process of choosing a stick that meets your needs can be quite a challenge – particularly if you’re new to the sport or are looking for a good beginner’s hockey stick for a child.Luckily, a few brands and models have proven themselves, making the choice a bit less daunting. With quality, comfort, and a few other important factors in mind, here are five top picks for best field hockey sticks.

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GraysSURF 500Check
GraysBurst Beginner Field Hockey Stick PackageCheck
STRYKPolarized Sports Sunglasses w/ 5 LenseSCheck
STXSurgeon 50Check

CranBarry Eagle


The CranBarry Eagle field hockey stick is crafted of composite materials and mulberry wood, with a fiberglass wrap that enhances ball speed while reducing the transfer of vibrations from the stick to the player’s hands.The Araldite® toe features a Midi profile for enhanced rolling and good control. Ridges enhance the grip, and a blue, green, and white polka dot design provides an attractive appearance. The CranBarry Eagle field hockey stick is available in sizes between 34 and 38 inches, and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Durable toe design
  • Grip has textured and smooth areas for confident gripping and sliding
  • Beginner-friendly design


  • A few reports of toe breaking when subject to heavy use, particularly defending

Well-balanced, good looking, and affordable, the CranBarry Eagle field hockey stick is a great choice for beginners who want to get a feel for the game without making much of an investment in new equipment. Aggressive, seasoned players are likely to enjoy this stick while it lasts, but might prefer a stronger (but higher-priced) option. If you’re just starting out and you want to work on your passing game though, this affordable option a might be the best field hockey stick for building a good foundation for future seasons.

Grays SURF 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick


The Grays SURF 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick is made with mulberry wood, and is reinforced with fiberglass. The Maxi to design offers a deep hook profile for stronger hitting and better receiving, along with enhanced drag flicks and solid reverse stick control. Built with the needs of young beginning field hockey players in mind, the Grays SURF 500 Junior field hockey stick is available inyour choice of blue or pink, in sizes between 24 and 36 inches. A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is included.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Plenty of size options


  • Grip tape may not last the full season
  • A few reports of cracking and breaking

We chose the Grays SURF 500 as a best-in-class field hockey stick for junior players due to its reputation for quality, its lightweight components, and its attractive appearance. While you might be tempted to spend more on a hockey stick for a beginning player, this one is designed to aid the learning process while standing up to the demands of practice sessions and games.The warranty inspires confidence in the manufacturer, even though some reviewers had problems with durability, noting that knots in the wood or hairline cracks reduced strength. Overall, most buyers are pleased with the stick’s quality, appearance, and performance.

Grays GX7000 Field Hockey Stick Bundle with Free Chamois Grip


The Grays GX7000 composite field hockey stick is designed to generate plenty of power while offering a good combination of comfortable grip and balance. Made with a special formulation of carbon and Kevlar in a strong, multi-directional matrix, it resists breakage during intense competitions. This hockey stick features a maxi toe design and is available in lengths between 35 and 38 inches.


  • Far lighter than a wood field hockey stick
  • Plenty of striking power


  • One report of fracturing

The Grays GX7000 composite field hockey stick is a little harder to handle than sticks designed with beginners in mind, but it’s a fantastic choice for players who are ready to take their game to the next level with stronger flicks and aerials. We like the fact that this stick is a bit lighter than a wood and fiberglass model, so there’s less chance of fatigue setting in early on. It would be nice if the GX7000 came in different colors, but the size options make it suitable for players of different heights. While it’s not the cheapest field hockey stick on the market, most users find that it does a good job of standing up to the demands of intense, competitive play.

STRYK Burst Field Hockey Stick


Designed with the needs of complete newbies in mind, the STRYK Burst Beginner Field Hockey Stick Package contains everything a young player needs to start familiarizing themselves with the game. The stick is a classic wood model with a First Touch midi toe that provides a forgiving feel while helping with skill-building. A pair of molded plastic shin guards, a colored field hockey ball, and a gear bag are included.

The STRYK Burst beginner field hockey stick package is available in sizes 24-34, and comes in a few different colors including pink and blue.


  • Inexpensive beginner’s pack
  • Great for practicing field hockey drills at home or camp
  • Good, solid stick


  • Bag isn’t the best; few reports of seams falling apart
  • A few reports of shin guards cracking

STRYK did a nice job creating an affordable beginner’s field hockey stick package. Even though some users have had issues with accessory durability, most report that the stick itself is outstanding in terms of durability, appearance, and user-friendly design. For the price, it’s hard to do better than this, particularly as when purchased individually, the components are likely to cost quite a bit more. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get your child started with field hockey, the STRYK Burst beginner field hockey stick package may be the best way to go.

STX Field Hockey Surgeon 50 Field Hockey Stick


Designed with a midi toe and suitable for any field position, the STX Field Hockey Surgeon 50 field hockey stick is built of 100 percent fiberglass for a good ball control and easy reception. An attractive gender-neutral finish in teal, white, and black gives this rookie-friendly hockey stick a fantastic look, complementing a variety of team colors. The STX Field Hockey Surgeon 50 Field Hockey Stick is available in sizes 26-32.


  • Sized and priced right for junior athletes
  • Fiberglass construction helps with passing


  • Priced a little higher than some other rookie field hockey sticks
  • Designed for outdoor play only

If you’re looking for a great field hockey stick for a new junior player and you’re willing to pay a little more for quality, then you’re likely to appreciate the STX 50 field hockey stick. Thanks to the all-fiberglass design and better ball control, it can help young players build the confidence needed to get through the first season or two and move on to more advanced levels.

Considerations when Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

When it comes to the best field hockey stick, there’s no such thing as a single, one-size-fits-all option. In fact, you’ll want to refer to a field hockey stick size chart to come up with the correct size, and then look for a stick that meets other requirements. Here are a few additional guidelines for choosing the right field hockey stick.

  • Materials:While wood is often a bit heavier and more prone to cracking than composite or fiberglass, it’s usually a bit cheaper. Many wood field hockey sticks come with composite and/or fiberglass components for added durability.
  • Toe shape:Shorti toes are usually used by offensive players, while midi toes offer a good combination of agility and flexibility. Maxi toes are great for playing defense, and hook toes are good for players who want to improve their reverse stick play and drag-flick motions. Midi toes are most common as they can be used for playing any position.
  • Shorter or longer:There are a few times when you’ll want to take more than player size into consideration when determining the correct length for a field hockey stick. Defensive players often choose longer sticks for improved reach, while shorter sticks can help offensive players with maneuverability. It’s a good idea to talk to a coach if you’re not sure which length to choose.
  • Price:High-level players happily pay hundreds of dollars for the best field hockey sticks on the market.This being said, the most expensive hockey stick isn’t always going to be best, particularly for a beginner who needs more flexibility for easier control. Do expect to pay quite a bit more for a performance stick such as the Grays GX7000 when it’s time to level up. Cheap sticks are great for rookies, but tend to break when subjected to intense competition.

Once you’ve done some comparison shopping and made your decision, you’ll find yourself or your child enjoying a field hockey stick that performs well without costing a bundle. We wish you the best of luck!