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Best Youth Baseball Gloves – Top 5 Reviewed

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Deciding on the best youth baseball glove for a young baseball player is not an easy task. There are many baseball gloves available on the market – with different sizes and from different brands. So how can one choose the right youth baseball glove? This is where you can thank us for doing the research for you 🙂 Wheter you’re looking for a little league baseball glove or one that fits playing for a first tee-ball team – we have it all cover.
We have also included a buying guide which will familiarize you with the process of the aspect to look for before the purchase of youth baseball gloves.

1. Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove – Heel Flex Technology

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

Mizuno is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the production of sporting equipment.Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove And they are especially well known in the production of baseball and softball gloves, including baseball gloves for youth. With a history in the industry for over a century, they have truly gone on to the pioneers in manufacturing baseball gloves. Because of their long history, they have become a trusted brand for millions of people.

One of the best features of the Mizuno youth baseball glove is its flexibility and performance. Mizuno uses Heel Flex technology to achieve this, and it is one of the latest in the industry. It has Butter Soft Lining which is there to reduce the sting which you receive when you catch the ball. It is a great addition which would help young basketball players to not hurt themselves. The PowerClose features help the player to hold on to catches easily. The ParaFlex Palm helps to make the glove more flexible and easy to break-in.

The ParaShock Palm Pad also protects the palm like the Butter Soft Lining. The PowerLock feature is introduced with this glove to enhance the performance of its optimum. It has a closed Tartan Flex Web and is about the size of 11.5-inch utility pattern. It is an ideal baseball glove for the youth of the age of eight years and below. The product comes with a one year warranty which protects you from any damages to the glove during that period of time.


  • Butter-Soft Lining
  • Heel Flex technology
  • ParaFlex and ParaShock Palm


  • Longer break-in period
  • The size might be smaller than it appears

2. Easton Mako Youth Series Glove – Cowhide Leather

Easton Mako Youth Series Glove is designed to give optimal control to the player.Easton Mako Youth Series Baseball Glove It is one of the most recommended gloves as per many users because of its ability to be lightweight without compromising on the performance aspects. It is one of the baseball gloves you can purchase on a budget and would perfectly do the job for any youth who is serious about the game.

Durability is something which is a guarantee from Easton baseball glove as they have gone ahead and used Hyperlite design. It enhances the durability, and when combined with the lightweight design, it has ample advantages over many gloves from the same level. The tumbled soft leather is the reason for the lightweight design, and the cowhide leather makes the whole design of the glove thinner. The reduction in weight results in an increase in balance.

The oiled Palm Lining with Hog Hide enhances its ability to take the sting and protect your hand. For younger players, the pro patterns are scaled down to match their needs. It has Tricot Finger Lining with Super Soft Sponge to make it comfortable to wear and also protect the fingers from harsh impacts. It comes in the size of 11.5 inch, which is ideal for the youth of the age eight years and below.


  • Hyperlite design for durability
  • Cowhide leather to enhance performance
  • Oiled Hog Hide Lining to protect the palm
  • Tricot Finger Lining to protect fingers


  • The seams are not of high quality
  • Break-in time is long

3. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Series Baseball Glove – Pro Taper Fit

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Series Baseball Glove offers something which is unique to its users.Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Series Baseball Glove They have modeler their gloves on the ones which are used by professional players to give the youth a feel of how it is to play with gloves used by their favorite stars. All the models in this series come with Pro Taper Fit which gives it the ability to adapt depending on the growing hands of the youth. He lowered Finger stalls and hand opening does the job extremely well.

The 11.25-inch baseball glove is perfect for youth under the age of nine years. It offers shock resistance through the Palm and Index Finger Padding and has laces made of all leather materials. This protects the youth from injuries and also gives the glove lot more durability. It has cushioned finger back Lining to provide the extra protection for the youth while playing in harsh conditions.

The conventionally styled glove comes in two variants of black and royal colors. There might just be two colors, but these are two which most people like and prefer. It features a Pro I Web which is ideal for infield players. Rawlings has delivered a great product with such great features with this series.


  • Modeled according to different professional players
  • Pro Taper Fit to adapt to the growing hands
  • Palm and Index Finger Padding
  • Pro I Web


  • Durability is not up to the mark

4. Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series – Basket Web Pattern

Rawlings makes a second appearance on the list with the Players Youth Series gloves.Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series This speaks volumes about their products being top quality and performance oriented. They have delivered one of their best yet with the 11-inch glove which is perfect for an6 youth who is at the beginning of their career. Ideal for players of the age eight years and under, it is developed to have a soft shell which will deliver the player the ability to close it with ease.

The flexibility of the glove is enhanced to be at its peak through the Basket Web Pattern. This is a great addition to young players who are new to the game will be to learn the game with much ease. As said, a good youth baseball glove might be the difference between a player potential to be great. It comes with a soft inner lining which improves the comfort level.

The break-in period of the glove is nil as the company does the job for you before sending it to you. It will be game ready when you receive it. It offers a custom fit to the user through the Neo-Flex Conventional back which had Velcro straps.


  • Ideal for youth of the age eight years and below
  • Basket Web Pattern for better performance
  • Soft inner lining for comfort
  • Neo-Flex Conventional back with Velcro starts


  • The stitching at Velcro part might be weak
  • Users have said it might be a bit stiff

5. Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves – RTP II Construction

The performance series from Franklin is one of the finest and lightest baseball gloves you can ever come across.Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance youth baseball Gloves & Ball It is one of the best gloves to help any youth get the feel of the game and learn it. One of the best thing about this youth baseball glove is that it does not require any break-in time. The RTP II Construction is responsible for this as it delivers you the glove game ready.

The lightweight design comes in handy especially because most of the youth players will be easily able to handle it. It has wrist closure which is PU fit which allows you to adjust the glove according to your comfort. The package also includes one PU foam ball, which is the kind of offer you will never see with any other. This is the kind of package deal which would introduce youth to baseball, softball, and also tee ball.

The half-pound glove comes with a 90 days limited manufacturer warranty, giving you the ability get it exchanged in case of any issue to the glove.


  • RTP II Construction for better break-in
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • PU Fit wrist closure
  • Includes a PU foam ball
  • With 90 days limited manufacturer warranty


  • The stitching is not of the best quality
  • Strap is not made of Velcro

Buying guide – Things to keep in mind while buying youth baseball gloves

A baseball glove is important equipment which you should possess if you are planning to play baseball. But there are many kinds of baseball gloves available on the market that you might find it difficult to choose the one which suits you the most. There are many aspects you have to keep in mind to find the glove that is ideal for you. So, we are here to help you familiarize with the thing ps you have to keep in mind before you purchase a baseball glove.

Type of Throw

The glove is defined on the basis of the preferred hand used to throw the ball. A right-hand thrower wears the glove in his left hand and a left-hand thrower wears it on the right hand.


The material used to make the glove defines its durability and comfort. The materials which are used mostly to make the gloves are leather, treated leather, synthetic materials, and mesh. If you are looking for a glove which has better durability, treated leather or leather should be the preferred material of make. Gloves made of mesh would give it more flexibility which oils help you have more control. Synthetic material is best for youth who are getting used to the game. It is lightweight and adjusting to the palms of youth.

Pocket size

The pocket size of the glove differs mostly depending on the field position of the player. If the player is in the outfield, the glove should have deeper pockets which would help in catching the ball with much ease. For a player in the second base and close should use a glove with pockets which are shallow as it would help them pick the ball and throw with ease.

Padding Protection

It is one of the features which have been gaining popularity over the years. Padding adds protection to your palm as you will feel the sting a little less with an increase in padding. For a player who is close by to the batter, the glove should have more padding as the ball would come with a lot more force to them. The player who is in the outfield requires less the as they will not face the ball at higher velocities.


The webbing gives more control to the player while handling the ball. There are eight types of webbing available for gloves and you can choose the one which suits you the best depending on the amount of control you want.


Features like wrist adjustment and Velcro strap add versatility to the glove. The ability to adjust the glove to the size of your palm and also being able to put on and take off the glove faster are some of the features which come in handy a lot of times.


Finally, it all comes down to your needs and budget. If you can afford a good one then you should go for it. But if you cannot, it is best to choose the one which matches to your needs and comes in your budget.


Referring this article will help you get a better understanding of how to purchase a baseball glove. You can also refer to the products mentioned in the article and buy any of it if you find it to suit your needs. Keep the aspects from the buying guide will help you set your target clear when you go glove shopping.

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