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Baseball: Not a Game Rather a Sentiment of the Americans

Sports is an inevitable part of American culture. It acts to unite the Americans with their communities that consequently help inducing cultural ethics and morale not only to the sportsmen, but also to the entire civilization as a whole. It binds millions of individuals collectively to share one identical civil identity, which gives a sense of pride, security and nationalistic feelings.


While delving into the significance of sports in the Americans’ life, revealing out the most favorite sport of the locals out there in the USA would be judicious to support this context. Out of the millions of games played and recognized round the world, “baseball” for Americans has occupied an exceptional room in their heart and mind.

Though “Baseball” does not sound familiar for other nations, but it is the most desired and preferred sport of the Americans lately, and interestingly this game is adding up millions of fans over the time, where the 2007 Major League Baseball series are the ideal matches that reveal its fan followings for the National League and American League.

The sporting spirit of the Americans is associated with this baseball game.

Fairly resembling the form of Cricket, Baseball is spiced up with a contemporary touch, which pumps up the excitement of the Americans with its nine innings match at a stretch. Connected with the American sentiments, this game is cherished by all and sundry, where individual of all age groups comes to cheer up their respective teams.

Though the earliest “baseball” match played dates back to the middle ages in Europe, but it is believed that the game was brought and popularized in the US land by early English immigrants. Since then, its popularity is sky soaring and no US citizen dares to overlook the live matches or its highlights.

Evidently “baseball” is praiseworthy for the Americans, but, the reason behind its fame would be much more fascinating to observe. So, an elaborate analysis is what inevitably essential to put statements in favor of this game. “Baseball,” which is derived afresh from vintage baseball, in a nutshell, is a game played with bat and ball among two teams of athletes consisting of nine players in each.

Here, the game elucidates a unique form of batting and fielding, somewhat resembling Cricket, but differs largely the way it is played. The players on the batting team attempts to take run to maximize their scoreboard, while the pitcher of the fielding team prevents the escalation of runs.

With its line of attack and the way it is played, this game has gained millions of hearts and surpassed other prevailing games in the country. Not only due to its mannerism and high scoring approach, Americans have cultivated their love for this particular game, but also for a plethora of other reasons too.

To elucidate some of the reasons American love baseball, it is apt to define this game as a favorite pastime of the civilians. The citizens keep eagerly awake all day long to enjoy the nine innings match with bounding pulse for consecutive three to five hours. Its tempo is exhilarating, which keeps the fans engrossed into it.

With an overwhelming response from millions of fan, this game is high on priority in schools and high schools as well, where the game is further in the process of developing future sports person from the very ground up.

Apart from this, the game involves excessive money making. With the emerging new team, comes the question of representing a US city, where funding and sponsorship plays an inevitable role to form the foothold of the city players. Moreover, it involves high wages for each and every player including its coach.

Alike every notable sport in the world, the popularity of any sport emerges with attention and public blessings.

And baseball too accomplished this esteemed fame, where enthusiasts as well as players found sharing their notion in various media coverage. Advertisements, media bytes are something common that adds up with the name of the players, which makes the budding players more enthusiastic and enthralling.

Furthermore, the traditional aspects of this game which is deeply ingrained with the mindset of the Americans contributed to the popularity of the sport. From the age-old days, this game makes it up in playing a part to unite social groups and individuals from diffident communities.

Overall, it is explicitly understood that “baseball” for both the American spectators and players is simply not a mere game to gaze at, rather something that is connected with the life and sentiments of the US citizens.

Its popularity, traditional aspects, unique playing mannerism, professional perk, community attention, playfulness, excitements is something that has made the game what it is today. And it is anticipated that the forthcoming generations would care for the game as the way it is done.