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Louisville Slugger BBCOR bats – The Big Brand

The limelight’s main focus today is on the world-renowned bat brand, Louiseville Slugger. What does the Louisville Slugger brand has to offer? Let us have an in-depth review of brand’s staying power and the features of its products.


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The Louisville Slugger which was initially called Falls City Slugger was created by a family-owned company, which started in 1884.

The success of the Louisville Slugger is partially because of its great marketing strategy which was through sports endorsements, and also because of their continuous modernization and enhancement of the product that has been tested and proven by time.

Players who are eager to improve their skills need to have the right equipment in order to get an amazing result out of their hard labor. Laying hands on a bat that will make a player feel rightfully his, is not an easy task. There is quite a handful of things to consider in choosing the right bat.

The Louisville Slugger bbcor bats are favored among other baseball bats because of its excellent quality that was perfectly engineered to fit the kind of swing and power you want to use when playing bat and ball.

Since powerfully hitting the baseball will result to driving the ball away from the fielders, most baseball bat manufacturers engineered and modernized their bats resulting in powerful bat hits.

However, since the players hitting ability is being complimented with the advanced equipment, the ball is being hit too hard making the pitcher and other players prone to injuries. That is why the BBCOR certification has been implemented.

The Louisville Slugger brand is one of the first few manufacturers who took the big leap and started manufacturing BBCOR or Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution compliant bats.

The “trampoline effect” or the bouncing back of the baseball off of a baseball bat has been taken into consideration not just for the power hitting performance of the player but also for the safety of the pitchers.

Louisville Slugger offers aluminium, hybrid and composite metal bats. Allowing the consumers to have more choices of baseball bats that will work for them.

Louisville Slugger BBCOR Bats Pros and Cons


Louisville Slugger bats have less “trampoline effect” compared to old bats and has produced higher performing bats that has larger sweet spots while swing weights are lighter than the usual.

A fast ball flying in the air is such a view to look at but can be pretty dangerous too. Louisville Slugger took the risk of possible injuries athletes can incur during the game and came up with alloy blends that are long lasting and durable without compromising its solid performance.

The bottom line is, not only is it safe for players to use Louisville BBCOR bats, but they have always kept their promise to their consumers in producing quality products that are known for its solid performance.

It also paved the way to take us all back to the good old baseball and how it was presumed to be played. Coaches can now focus on the ability of his hitter and not just let him rely on the bat that he uses.


The only disadvantage of using Louisville Slugger BBCOR bats is on the number-game perspective. Decreased home runs and decreased ball speed couldn’t compensate for the safety of the players right?

Besides, the ability of the players to score home runs are not solely dependent on the equipments they use but also on the holistic approach they take into consideration to become the best players they want to be.

Now, let Us Review Two Louisville Slugger BBCOR Bats For 2016

The Louisville Slugger Omaha 2016

The Louisville Slugger Omaha 2016 is a single piece alloy bat that comes with a classic lizard skin grip. Compared to the 515 Omaha, the Omaha 2016 model is made with 7U1, a 2016-model specific lightweight alloy that allowed 2 important enhancements to the model.

A larger sweet spot and a swing weight drop of 8% compared to 2015 515. Compared to most senior league bats, this model is lighter, which is not ideal for the more-experienced players.

This baseball bat is best for younger hitters as it allows the younger hitter to learn how to control and balance. This model comes with a balanced swing weight that creates that even-weight distribution feel making it easier to balance.

This exceptional single piece alloy bat that has been built to perform is a good buy considering its price.

The Louisville Slugger 2016 Prime

The Louisville Slugger 2016 Prime is a two piece bat made of composite material that comes with the classic lizard skin grip and TRU3 connective piece. This bat that has a bigger barrel allows players to swing smoothly and an exceptional grip.

This also has BBCOR, Youth & Tee Ball, Travel Ball and Senior League/Youth Big Barrel versions. The BBCOR version of this bat is a must-have because it has the pop-balance combo.

The swing weight is light as a feather, the barrel is huge as well as the sweet spot and the minimal vibration in the handle are the selling points of this bat not to mention the price is reasonable.

The durability and the epic performance of this baseball bat makes it hard to decide which BBCOR bat to buy.

In conclusion, when selecting sports equipment such as a baseball bat, the number one thing to prioritize is safety. The safety of the player who is going to use the equipment and the safety of the people surrounding the player.

The number of home runs is important in the game of baseball, no one can deny that fact. However, what can be more important than the eyes, nose or other body parts of players that may get injured because of a bullet-like-speed baseball.

The results, numbers and statistics are of high importance, no one will argue with that, but the safety of the players should be everyone’s priority.

Though the BBCOR bats doesn’t result to more home runs, the ability of the coach to teach his players will come to play, team work will be tested and a player’s skill will be put to a test. Safety first!

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