Best BBCOR Bats 2022 – Top Rated Baseball Bats From Top Brands

As the weather gets hotter, baseball players around the world are gearing up for their favorite baseball leagues. If you are also looking for some of the amazing bbcor bats out there, then look no further. Here is an elaborate best bbcor bats 2021 buying guide for all you baseball players.

BBCOR baseball bat

Top rated BBCOR Bats 2021

Demarini CF (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat
Designed for improved weight distribution that allows for great balance, bat speed and barrel control
  • ReAction End Cap
  • Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel
Below are the top rated bbcor baseball bats for 2021. You should consider before purchasing. Note: These bats come in multiple sizes click “Check Price” for more sizes.




Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta BBCOR/USSSA Baseball Bat

  • EKO Composite Barrel

  • Three-piece design

  • Premium LS PRO Comfort Grip

Easton 2021 ADV 360 -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

  • Recipient of Bat Digest Awards’ diamond medallion

  • Launch Composite Technology

  • Power Boost

Axe Bat 2021 Elite (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

  • 2-piece hybrid bat

  • Vibration Canceling System

  • HyperWhip Composite Cap

Review of Other 5 Best BBCOR Bats Recommended for 2021

The new baseball season is just around the corner. Like every year, this year’s season will bring a whole collection of new BBCOR bats into the market. With such a large variety of BBCOR bats, it may not be easy to find the one that suits your needs perfectly. So we have made this easier for you by shortlisting and reviewing the top 5 BBCOR bats for 2021.

1. Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR Bat – Hyperskin Grip

This item has earned Editors’ Choice for its outstanding quality and performance.

As its name suggests, the Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR bat is a beast on its own. A metaphor to describe it would be a lightning meeting a thunder.Easton 2018 Beast X Speed BBCOR But to start with, you should know that Easton is one of the best BBCOR bat manufacturers in the world. They come up with some of the most innovative designs to make batting one of the best part of the game. And as per the research, the Beast is absolutely one of the best bats they have ever developed.5

The bat is made of the stronger and latest ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction) alloy. It is the kind of material which makes the bat extra-strong without adding any weight or bulking it up. There are many who do not prefer aluminum alloy bats, but this is one bat you should try if you are one of them. This will definitely change your mind. The grip is another excellent feature when it comes to this bat. They have implemented the 1.4mm Hyperskin which makes it extremely comfortable for you to hold the bat and swing with ease.

The Hit Lab collection brought forward the Hyperskin grip, and it is a great addition to the already amazing bat. The bat is one piece and is made to deliver high-quality performances. The power-packed bat follows all the regulations and can be used for any college or high school level games.


  • Aluminum alloy
  • Hyperskin grip
  • Power packed bat


  • One piece bat can deliver a lot of vibration

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2. Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat – 1.5 Inches Longer Thermo Composite Barrel

One of the easiest ways to know whether a product is good when you go through a list is to check whether another product from the same brand is listed.Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat This is what makes Easton BB17MK Mako Beast a bat which you can buy without a second thought. Featured for the second time in the list, it is one of the bats which delivers great power to the player. Unlike the previous Easton bat, this is a two-piece bat which packs a good punch. It has the extended speed barrel to deliver the fastest swing weight.

Compared to its predecessors, this bat has a 1.5-inch longer Thermo Composite Barrel. Instead of going for an alloy, this bat is manufactured by the use of composite material and has a drop of -3. This ensures that you get a balanced swing which is ideal for power hitters. Customers have mostly complimented over how huge the barrel is and how it gives a great space for you to connect with the ball. And it delivers a great pop which cannot be ignored. They have also mentioned checking with your local league for approval before you open the wrapper of the bat.

Hailing from the Mako series, this bat was developed an manufactured in 2021. So, get your hands on one as soon as possible.


  • 5-inches longer Thermo Composite Barrel
  • A drop of -3 with great pop
  • Part of the Mako Series


  • Might not be accepted in the local league

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3. Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – Larger Sweet Spot

Louisville is another bat manufacturer with a great reputation, and the Omaha 518 (-3) is nothing short of a revolution.Louisville Slugger WTLBBO518B331 Omaha 518 (-3) Bbcor Baseball Bat A bat which delivers performance and efficiency throughout its lifetime, the Omaha 518 is a classy bat which would help batters improves their skills. With solid construction and a sleek design, you get solid performance with this bat. The one-piece construction provides a larger sweet spot.

It is a bat which uses all the modern technology but does not forget the traditional feel which should exist in any of the bats. To optimize weight distribution, the end cap is designed in such a way as to get better bat control and easy swing. The tapered handle gives great grip for the batter to take a swing comfortably. The bat inherits its sturdy construction and strength from the aluminum material used for its construction. The -10 drop makes it the ideal bat for players from low to mid-level leagues.

The only drawback the bat has is that it might be hard to play with it under extremely cold conditions. But that is the case with most of the bats used in low and mid-level leagues. In the cold weather, the sting and vibration are reduced by the tapered handle.


  • Tapered grip for better handling
  • Larger sweet spot
  • -10 drop making it ideal for low to mid-level leagues


  • Not ideal for extremely cold conditions

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4. Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat – Thick and Larger Barrel

Marucci is a relatively new brand which has been making rounds in the market for their amazing collection of bats.Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat The Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR bat is a product which symbolizes affordability without compromising on the quality of the bat. More like the best of both worlds. The two-piece bat is manufactured in the United States and especially comes from Louisiana.

The bat absorbs vibrations due to the use of the second generation Anti-Vibration knob, which also lets you take a good follow through of the bat after the hit. The newly added barrel technology eliminates any dead spots.It also has a big barrel which provides the batter with a larger sweet spot. There are different sizes that these bats comes in suited for both kids and adults. With a -10 drop, the bat has a great swing and does produce a loud popping sound.

The only downside with regard to this bat is that it does not come with a great grip. You might want to grab an extra pair of grip to make proper use of this bat.


  • Great balance
  • Large sweet spot
  • Thick and larger barrel


  • Not the greatest grip

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5. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat – Excellent Price To Quality Ratio

Rawlings is a brand which is known to manufacture some of the most loved high school baseball bats in the market.Rawlings BB7V-32/29 Velo Hybrid Comp Lite End Cap 32" Baseball Bat What makes it stand out from the rest is that these bats are versatile and suit anyone’s style. It has a -3 length to weight ratio to deliver one great swing. The bat is made of an aluminum alloy like the Easton bat mentioned earlier in the list. This helps in providing a great ping when the ball hits the bat.

Rawling has made great design enhancements from its previous bats to give this bat a great pop and increased flex. This proves ideal to absorb the unnecessary vibrations and get the nest out of the batter. It uses the POP 2.0 technology which enhances the sweet spot and the lightness of the bat. This feature, though, does not affect the durability of the bat.

With an excellent grip, this is the bat to go for if you are keen on improving your skills. It might be an issue to get used to the lightness of the bat, and the loud acoustic sound may annoy some people.


  • Price to quality ratio
  • Pop 2.0 technology
  • Composite end cap


  • Loudness
  • Not easy to get used to the lightness

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If you are looking for the old model bbcor bats, then you can see the list below. We have provided you with reviews of the top 10 best high school baseball bats ever released. These bats are packed with innovative features and latest technologies. We have also included the pros and cons of each one of these bats.

Top 10 Best BBCOR Bats 2018-2019 : Old Models

1. DeMarini CF8 BBCOR Baseball Bat, White/Silver/Gold

DeMarini 2016 CF8 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Our list of the top 10 bbcor bats starts off with one of the most loved and raved about bats from DeMarini – their CF8 Balance and Boom bat. The success of the bat is known to all.

CF8 is manufactured using Paradox +Plus composite technology that makes it a lightweight and gives it a more balanced feel. The barrel of the bat is made up of carbon fiber, and it has a D-Fusion 2.0 handle.

The handle is designed in a way so as to decrease the vibration while hitting. There is a Low Pro End Cap attached to the handle which improves your swing. To optimize the sweet spot on CF8, its barrel is constructed with a ThermoFused Taper.

The drop weight that is the length to weight ratio of the bat is -3. The ratios range from30 inches/ 27oz to 34 inches/ 31oz. CF8 can be purchased in white color, silver, and gold.

Our Summary: CF8 offers great performance and is considered a game changer! This balanced bat has just the right balanced weight to it!

DeMarini CF8 (-3) BBCOR (EA)
  • For players who choose to have it all
  • New, extra-long barrel, you can get more pop than EVER with this massive sweet spot
  • Barrel is made from our premium paradox +plus composite so it breaks in faster and is hot right out of the wrapper

2. Combat Adult Maxum Bbcor -3 Baseball Bat

Combat Adult 2016 Maxum Bbcor

Combat is winning over many fans with its latest Maxum BBCOR baseball bat lineup. These bats do what they are made for hitting home runs and throwing the ball out of sight! The Combat Adult Maxum Bbcor -3 Baseball Bat is no different from others in the series.

The company uses all of its 3 technologies to manufacture this masterpiece. It has a seamless construction for high performance and a 2 5/8 inches barrel that is made using precision molding technology which enhances the sweet spot. This barrel is made out of composite material.

Like other bats in the lineup, MAXUM also has a massive sweet spot, one that is almost 40% greater than other bbcor bats.

The One Piece Ultra-Premium Lizard Skin Grip on the handle is all about comfort, good grip and a nice feel to your hands. You will surely avoid hand burns and injuries with this grip!

Like the previous bat, MAXUM also has a -3 drop weight. It comes in navy white, blue color.

Our Summary: MAXUM is giving tough time to its competitors with its high performance, greater strength and pop!

Combat Maxum BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat
  • Composite Barrel
  • Lowest allowable swing weight by rule
  • Offers up to 20-40% more hitting surface when compared to competitor models

3. Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Bbcor (-3) Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2016 Prime 916 Bbcor Bat

At number 3, we have Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Bbcor (-3) Baseball Bat – a bat that has countless features to love and fall for!

The main highlight of Prime 916 is its 3-piece composite construction. The pieces are joined using FCS (Fused Carbon Structure) design.

Additionally, TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer Technology on the bat offers greater trampoline effect and higher shock absorption. The flex band technology is known to give this bat greatest swing-weight-to-sweet-spot ratios.

The handle of Prime 916 is tapered and has a Lizard Skins Grip that keeps your hand safe and relaxed. You will find this bat in black color.

Our Summary: Pop and performance of this bat are unmatched! Although the bat itself is an ordinary one yet the performance gives it an upper hand. Some cons that the rotation of the bat.

Louisville Slugger WTLBBP9163-31 BBCOR Prime 916 Baseball Bat, Black, 31"/28 oz
  • FCS (Fused Carbon Structure) Composite Design
  • Patented TRU3 technology reduces vibration and provides unmatched feel on contact
  • Lizard Skins Grip

4. Easton Z-CORE Hybrid 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

Easton Z-CORE Hybrid 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

You can never be mistaken about your choice with this beauty from Easton. Their Z-CORE Hybrid 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat comes with “MORE PING WITH EVERY SWING.”

It has a balanced two-piece construction z-core internal core technology and patented two-piece connexion technology which gives an extended sweet spot and maximum energy transfer.

Z-CORE includes an HMX HYPERLITE MATRIX ALLOY BARREL which offers greater durability and a handle made out of composite material which is covered in a 1.2MM HYPERSKIN GRIP.

It has a drop 3 and is available in a variety of sizes. It bears the mark of bbcor certified

Our Summary: Hot out of the Wrapper with Great pop, feel and lightweight.

  • Balanced barrel design has a lower swing weight Index for faster swing speed
  • Hmx hyperlite matrix alloy barrel for expanded sweet spot and greater durability
  • Z-core internal core technology produces more power thru an expanded sweet spot

5. Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

At number 5, we have one of the best bbcor Easton bats talked about bat from Easton their MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat. With this bat, Easton has won over a large number of baseball players.

This bat has a 2 piece construction in which the barrel and handle are joined with Easton’s patented ConneXionATM technology. Thanks to this technology, the bat offers minimum vibration and maximum energy transfer.

To enhance the sweet spot and lower the moment of inertia, MAKOs barrel is made using TCTATM Thermo Composite Technology. This barrel has a diameter of 2 5/8 inches.

The tapered handle, on the other hand, is 31/32 inches and is secured with an HYPERSKIN grip. This grip helps in keeping your hands safe from injury and offers a stronger grip.

MAKO COMP has a balanced design with a drop weight of -3. It comes in green/black color and is sold at

Our Summary: Great pop and overall feel but it has a little bit durability issues and vibration on the bat.

Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat
  • Balanced barrel design has a lower swing weight Index for faster swing speed
  • Tct thermo composite technology for a massive sweet spot and unmatched bat speed
  • Patented two-piece connexion technology maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel

6. DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2016 Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat

For all the power hitters out there who plan on hitting the baseball out of the ground, DeMarini has an amazing to offer. Their Voodoo BBCOR baseball bat will leave you spell-bound.

Voodoo has an end-loaded hybrid two-piece construction. Being a hybrid bat, it has a D-Fusion 2.0 Handle that joined with an X12 Alloy Barrel. Both the pieces combine to offer minimum vibration and higher performance.

Its barrel is end-loaded with a diameter of 2 5/8 inches. For a better grip, there is a Low Pro End Cap which is connected to a RCK Knob.

Voodoo has -3 drop weight. It has Gunmetal/red/gold color.

Our Summary: Voodoo has a greater sweet spot thanks to its extended design. It has higher durability and it gives off minimum vibration. Unfortunately, the bat does not offer the same feel or pop that CF8 has.

Wilson DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat, 33"/30 oz, Gunmetal/Red/Gold
  • Slight end load for the greatest carry distance possible
  • The ultimate bat for players who attack with power, the voodoo raw brings the boom for hitters who want extra carry distance
  • The X12 alloy barrel with a slight end load has the power and pop you demand immediately out of the wrapper

7. Rawlings Adult Velo Balanced Bbcor -3 Baseball Bat

Rawlings Adult 2016 Velo Balanced Bbcor

Velo is one of the famous bats from Rawlings that can win a lot of hearts. It is a 1 piece alloy bat that gives you strength and performance when you need it.

Rawlings’ Precision-Optimized-Performance 2.0 technology is used to manufacture the bat. This technology enhances the sweet spot up to 25% and gives more flex as well. You get more ping and strength on your Velo with Rawlings APATM Acoustic Performance.

Comp-Lite Composite End Cap renders the bat more balanced. The weight to length ratio or the drop on Velo is -3. It has a stylish black color. Velo bears the stamp of bbcor certified.

Our Summary: Velo surprises players with its great with most pop, feel and performance. It has been one of the best bbcor alloy bats for 2021 by some hitters who absolutely love this bat.

Rawlings Velo BBRV3-33 Baseball Bat 33" / 30oz.
  • 2.6 inches barrel
  • Comp-lite - composite end cap creates balance for faster swing speed
  • 0.50 BBCOR Certified

8. Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Professionals from around the world joined hands to design, experiment with and own bbcor bats from Marucci. Their Cat 6 is a result of one of the collaborations amongst these hitters.

Cat 6 has a one-piece design made using AZ3000 alloy. This material makes this bat more durable and gives more pop to it as well.

Thanks to its anti-vibration knob, you tend to feel much less vibration. It is found that Cat 6 has 5.6 times greater capacity to absorb shocks as compared to its competitors in the market. This knob is also upgraded and made better than the one found in Cat 5.

It has a balanced barrel which is constructed using Ring-free barrel technology. In comparison with its ancestor Cat 5, this bat has a bigger barrel and therefore a larger sweet spot.

The drop weight on this bat is -3. The bat has White/Grey/Red color with a glossy finish.

Our Summary: Even though the bat does not have any outstanding features it is known to have amazing pop and high quality.

Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat, 32-Inch/29-Ounce
  • One-piece alloy construction
  • Professionally-inspired extended barrel profile
  • Ring-free barrel technology

9. DeMarini Insane BBCOR Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2016 Insane BBCOR Baseball Bat

Insane 2021 is the latest addition to DeMarini lineup of bbcor baseball bats. Although new, this bat has gained a lot of popularity amongst players.

It has a one-piece SC4 Alloy construction with an aluminum barrel and handle. The bat is hot out of wrapper due to its aluminum material. So you do not have to worry about breaking in your new insane bat.

It has a heavier swing weight than Voodoo. Due to its one-piece design, the bat is stiffer. You will feel less vibration while hitting thanks to the Big DATM End Cap. This bat is most suitable for high school and college leagues.

It has drop weight of -3 and it comes in Black Blue White color. The BBCOR version of Insane is available in 4 length options – 31 to 34 inches.

Wilson DeMarini Insane BBCOR Baseball Bat, 32"/29 oz
  • One-piece SC4 alloy power built for the physical player
  • Solid feedback at contact
  • The hitter will feel the bat in his hands and love the above average carry distance

10. Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR Approved High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat (-3)

BBCOR Approved High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat

Finally, at number 10 we have Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR bat. This is a one-piece bat that is constructed with aerospace-grade Rawlings 5150A alloy using Precision-Optimized Performance technology.

The bat is a bit end-loaded thanks to its Comp-Lite End Cap. So if you are looking for the best end loaded bbcor bats, this might be the one for you.

This bat has greater stiffness and a balanced swing weight due to its one-piece construction. It comes in drop -3. This bat is cheap and is amongst the favorite of players who are on a budget.

Our Summary: Bigger sweet spot with Great Pop.


Rawlings BB5150 BBCOR HS Baseball Bat, 33-Inch
  • 2 5/8" barrel
  • Hard maple barrel and a carbon fiber-infused handle
  • BBCOR Certified .50

Interestingly, after we compiled the top ten bbcor baseball bats on the market we realized that all the bats in our list have a drop weight of -3. This means that these bats have a length to weight ratio of -3.

We researched over the internet and found that it is a rule that BBCOR bats should have a drop 3. So if you are looking for a certified bbcor bat with drop 3 weight, then you have landed at the right website.

Before moving on to the next section and exploring the best materials for bbcor bats, we wish to guide you in regards to purchasing these bats. If you wish to buy any of the bats mentioned above, then you can simply log on to where you can buy these bats and also look into a large variety of other best-selling bats that they offer.

What Materials are BBCOR Bats made of?

BBCOR bats are made in a wide variety of materials. These include aluminum, alloy, composite, hybrid and wood. Some of the properties associated with these materials are listed below.


So why should you go for an aluminum bbcor bat? The reason is that these bats have the greatest trampoline-like effect. When a ball comes in contact with an aluminum bat, thanks to the trampoline effect that it has, its barrel flexes inside, giving the ball an even greater push so that it bounces off at high speed.

These bats are also hot out of the wrapper meaning that they do not require any breaking in which makes them better than their composite brothers. Aluminum bats are also much lighter in weight which makes them a preference of many hitters out there.


Alloy bats possess properties that are quite similar to the aluminum ones. This is because an alloy bat is constructed by diffusing aluminum with other metals. The trampoline-like effect on these bats is much reduced. This process makes these bats in line with the bbcor standard.

While other bats including bbcor composite bats have weather and temperature restrictions, alloy bats do not have any such restrictions. Due to the large amounts of metal that are used to make these bats, they are generally much durable and long-lasting as compared to others. Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR is one of the top 10 alloy bats available in the market.


Graphite and carbon material is combined using resin to construct composite bbcor bats. These bats are known for their distance capabilities.

Sadly, a composite bat is not hot out of the wrapper and requires breaking in. But once the bat is fully broken in overtime, it gives an outstanding performance. Due to this massive increase in performance over time composite bats are banned from some leagues.

Another downside of composite bats is that they cannot withstand very high temperatures. When used in extremely cold temperatures, these bats become brittle and prone to breakage. DeMarini CF8 is one of the best composite bbcor bats for 2021.


Hybrid bats are manufactured by combining both aluminum and composite materials. A usual hybrid bat comes in a two-piece or maybe three-piece design and has a composite handle and an aluminum barrel. These bats have great feel thanks to their composite handle and a stronger barrel with a large sweet spot.

Aluminum renders the barrel hot out of the wrapper. As compared to others, hybrid bats are considered the most expensive bbcor bats available in the market. These bats are known amongst player for their durability and strength.


Wood bats date back to the time when the game of baseball originated. These are the oldest kinds of bats used in the game. Initially wooden bats only included bats made out of hickory. But today, wooden bats are further divided into different kinds.

The most famous kind of wooden bats have the highest density and are made out of maple and white ash. If you wish to play for Major League Baseball, then a wood bat is what you need as other bats are deemed illegal by them.

Bamboo bats, another kind of wood bats, are the hardest and most durable amongst others but they require BBCOR certification mark before use.

Now that you have in-depth information about the materials used in manufacturing bbcor baseball bats, we move on to looking at the other aspect of a bbcor bat.

What Things to Look When Choose a BBCOR Bat?

So you must be wondering what factors are important while purchasing a bbcor bat. We have compiled a list of the things that you need to look for when choosing a bbcor bat.

dimensions bbcor baseball bat finder

1. Materials

To start off, it is important to consider the material of the bbcor bat that you are interested in. We have provided above both the pros and cons of each of the 5 kinds of materials used in the construction of bbcor bats. Which one is the best amongst all? We can say that there is no definite winner. We cannot tell you this one is better than the other.

It all boils down to your preference as well as your budget. If you are looking for a bbcor bat that is light in weight, then you might want to go for aluminum or alloy one. If you want to purchase a bat with greater distance capabilities, then we recommend a composite bat.

2. Bbcor bat dimensions

The dimensions – weight and length of a bbcor bat are also a vital feature to look for. You don’t want to end up with a bat that is too long or too heavy for you.


Bbcor bats are measured in ounces. Lightweight bats offer greater swing speed whereas heavyweight bats offer greater power and strength.

When we talk about a bbcor bats weight we have to keep two things in mind, one the dead weight – the overall weight of the bat that is measured in ounces and two the swing weight – how hard it is to swing the bat.

To measure the swing weight, moment of inertia (MOI) is used. You should remember the lower the MOI, the faster the swing speed.


A bbcor bat with a maximum length of 36 inches is allowed. You can easily measure yourself in order to determine the right length for you.

The difference between weights to length ratios gives drop weight. Remember that bbcor bats have a drop weight of -3.

3. Barrel

That part of your bat where a baseball touches and bounces off from your bat is known as the barrel. It is the area that comes in contact with the ball. A barrel is without any doubt the most important and game-changing factor when it comes to choosing the best bbcor bat.

Your hit is directly related to the material and overall construction of the barrel. So you need to choose wisely. Heavier bats have big barrel that helps in putting greater force on the bat. When the ball hits the sweet spot on your barrel, home runs occur!

4. Taper

The handle of a bbcor bat is known as taper. Commonly, the taper has a diameter of 31/32 inches. Taper may be thicker or thinner. One with greater diameter gives off minimum vibration. On the other hand, a thinner taper offers faster swing speed.

5. Grip

Grip placed on the handle of the bat ensures a good feel to your hands and keeps them safe from injuries and burns as well. Different materials are used to make these grips. Combat bats have Lizard Skin grip whereas Easton bats use Hyper skin grip.

Grips are commonly placed on aluminum bats. These grips work as shock absorbers once the hitter hits the ball. Rubber and leather grip are quite common as well.

6. Knob

Do you know that there is a tiny round piece connected at the end of your bbcor bat? Yes! By closely looking at the bat you will see that your bat ends with a knob. This knob is quite useful as it ensures a firm grip and prevents the bat from slipping.

Whenever you swing your bat, a knob makes sure that it does not go flying with the ball. So basically, a knob is that part of the bat which keeps you and others safe.

Knobs have different types as well. There are traditional knobs, oval, rectangular and tapered knobs.

7. BBCOR bat construction

BBCOR bats come in two designs: one-piece and two-piece

One piece

One piece bats as the name suggests have a one-piece seamless construction. These bats have a continuous one-piece design in which a single material is used throughout the bat. Wood bats, for example, usually have a one-piece construction. These bats are known to be stiffer with less flex.

Two piece

Two-piece bats have a different barrel joined to a different handle. Usually, an alloy barrel is combined with a composite handle. Latest technologies are used to make the connection stronger and to reduce the vibration on the bat.

Two-piece bats because of the different barrel and handle are more durable, stronger and high in performance. The durability comes from alloy barrel, comfort from the composite handle and maximum energy transfer from the connection technology used.

Interestingly, newer innovations have led to the discovery of three-piece bats as well. The kind of bbcor bat construction you want completely depends on your preference. Both the constructions have their benefits.

8. BBCOR certification

BBCOR certification requires that a bat should have a maximum ball-bat coefficient of restitution of 0.50 which is marginally higher than that of a wooden bat.

This helps in regulating the trampoline effect on non-wood bats. A variety of technologies are used by companies to reduce the trampoline effect on the bats that they manufacture.

In order for a bat to be bbcor certified it should bear the bbcor 0.5 certification mark. Also, a bbcor certified bat requires a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches and a drop weight (length to weight ratio) of -3. Any features lesser or greater than the above specifications can disqualify your bat for play in bbcor baseball leagues.

Next, it is time to look at the 5 brands that are winning the hearts of baseball players. A little background information about each one of these companies is provided below.

Below are Top 5 Best BBCOR Bat Brands by Our Rating

BBCOR bat manufacturers have increased rapidly over the past decade. From small local companies to international brands, the bbcor bat industry seems to be flourishing. If you are not sure which of these manufacturers is reliable, then here is a list of the top 5 best bbcor bat brands that have proved their worth with their amazing bats every time!


DeMarini Sports is a leading baseball and softball (fastpitch and slowpitch) equipment, manufacturer. They specialize in producing all sorts of bats, apparels, and gears.

Initially, DeMarini had humble beginnings as they did not have any proper retailers or advertising campaigns. Later in 1992, DeMarini established their headquarters, and from then onwards the company grew massively.

DeMarini takes pride in manufacturing the world’s first multi-wall bat: the DeMarini Double wall. It was the game changer of its time with its huge sweet spot, beating its competitors.

The company with its strong belief in innovation brought some of the amazing technologies to the bats. Their half & half technology, in particular, became their weapon.

To date, DeMarini has released many top quality and high performing bbcor bats including their Insane bbcor series, CF8 series, and Voodoo Series.


Combat sports group is a famous sport manufacturing brand that produces composite baseball and softball bats. The company is based in Canada.

Combat bats feature three major technologies – they have seamless construction, precision molding, and maximum technology. Some of the famous players like Jeff Mcgavin use combat bats.

Combat claims that their Maxum lineup has 40% more hitting surface that is a greater sweet spot as compared to the competitors. Their seamless construction gives them strength and high performance. Precision molding maximizes the trampoline effect on Combat bats.

Combat Adult 2018 Maxum Bbcor is their latest addition to their amazing bbcor lineup.


Easton Sports is one of the giants when it comes to bbcor baseball bats. Over the year the company has developed many top quality bats that have amazing technologies and features.

Easton manufactures baseball and softball equipment including bats, balls, gear, and accessories. Their MAKO Torq and Z-Core series bats have gained much popularity. They are made using Easton’s famous TCT Thermo Composite Technology and their revolutionary 360° Torq Handle Technology.

Easton bats are somewhat expensive because of their high-quality.


Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. is known for manufacturing sporting goods for the US players. The company has not only focused on producing innovative bats and balls they have also excelled in making other game-changing products like batting helmets and gloves.

Their BBCOR bat range includes Velo Balanced, 5150 Alloy and TRIO 3-Piece Hybrid Balanced baseball bats. Rawlings’ Precision Optimized Performance gives greater swing speed, larger sweet spot, and higher performance.

Louisville Slugger

Finally, we end our list with Louisville Slugger the sporting goods manufacturer that everyone has heard about. More than 120 years have passed, and the company is still leading the market. Its wood bats are the official bats for MLB which gives the company an edge over others.

Their famous TRU3 3-piece technology allows for maximum trampoline effect with a great feel and reduced vibration. The Performance 7050 Alloy that they use makes their bats durable.

Their maple wood bats are manufactured using top-class wood. The handles on most of their bats are covered with Lizard Skin Grip which keeps your hands comfortable and protected from injuries.

Now that you have ample information regarding the top 5 brands in the bbcor bat market, we shift our attention towards the comparison of bbcor bats with its alternatives.

Bbcor vs Wood bats

When it comes to baseball, both bbcor and wood bats are equally popular. Some of the big players out there prefer bbcor bats while others rave about their wooden bats. Here in this section, we tend to draw a one to one comparison between the two kinds to give you a fair idea of both the bats.

The first question that comes to our mind when we talk about bbcor versus wood bats is that why did the concept of BBCOR generated in the first place? Why was it even needed? The reason is that with the latest technologies and innovations bbcor bats especially the composite ones were starting to outperform the wood ones.

The number of home runs was increasing rapidly. This was also problematic as players life was in danger because of these fast coming balls.

Wood bats, on the other hand, did not have such high hitting speeds so they lagged behind. To decrease the performance of these bats bbcor standard was introduced.

This way the performance on both was somehow matched. Some experts to date say that both these bats do not have any differences and that there was no need of introducing such a standard.

There is no final verdict as to which one outperforms the other. According to a popular discussion forum on the internet, some of the kids who used both felt no difference in the two, while others provided that they felt wood bats are better than bbcor ones.

The reason they provided that wood bats have a better sweet spot, great pop and most importantly an amazing feel while hitting.

Bbcor Baseball Bats Pros and Cons

So what are the pros and cons that bbcor bats have? In this section, we list some of the advantages and disadvantages of using BBCOR bats.

We start off with the pros. Due to the even trampoline effect on the bat, bbcor bats have a larger sweet spot. With this sweet spot, you are sure to hit home runs.

As these bats are checked and tested multiple times, they are usually more durable and long-lasting than their counterparts. There are much lesser reports of bbcor bats being damaged or broken.

Bbcor bats are known to increase player performance. This is because of the fact that previously mere hitting led to greater shots as the bats had higher performance. Now the bats do not outperform the players. Hitters have to use their skills and experience to hit the ball at the right spot!

Due to the above-mentioned reason, bbcor bats have been able to separate hitters from non-hitters. With a bbcor bat, you have a chance to showcase your hitting skills and impress your teammates.

Finally, the evolution of bbcor standard that has led to the creation of bbcor bats has been able to ensure player safety and reduce player injuries. Your kid is now much safer when he’s out there in the field trying to stop home runs.

Now we move towards the cons. One of the biggest cons of BBCOR standard is that it led to drastic reductions in the number of home runs which was quite upsetting for a large variety of players.

The pop on these new bbcor bats was much lesser than what was previously heard. This wasn’t a favorite of many hitters who loved some good pop off their bats.

Bbcor bats are expensive and are therefore not liked by those players who are on a budget. Finally, as we all know that the standard was first introduced by NCAA; it was found that this gave the association a bit of an upper hand.

The authorities of the given organization have been dictating their terms and conditions, and this have created sort of a monopoly in the industry.

Now that we know the advantages and disadvantages of bbcor bats, we now divert our attention to the sizes in which these bats are sold.

Bbcor bat size guide

When purchasing a bbcor bat for yourself or your little one, the most important factor is its size. You must buy a bbcor bat that is according to your height and weight.

We have provided below a comprehensive size chart that is going to help you out in determining the right size for you and your kids. The combination of your height and weight yields the proper bat size.

When it comes to the size guide, you should also remember to measure yourself properly. For an adult, they should start from the center of their chest and measure till the tip of the finger.

To measure the children, take a bat and stand it next to the kid. Make sure that the bat reaches his/her hips. Also, weigh yourself and your children using a proper and accurate weighing machine.

Generally, for kids with weight less than 60 pounds, a bbcor bat should be between 26 to 29 inches in length. For a weight of more than 70 pounds, bat length can be between 28 to 32 inches. Similarly, if your child is 10 years old then his bat should generally be between 28 to 29 inches in length.

Below are Some of The Questions That You May Also Interested

Yup, that’s right! In this section, we will answer all your frequently asked questions regarding bbcor bats.

1. What does BBCOR Bats Mean?

The term BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Resistance. It is a standard that is used to regulate the trampoline effect or the amount of energy generated in baseball bats. Before BBCOR, the BESR standard was in place.

Basically, in order to satisfy BBCOR standard and achieve a 0.5 BBCOR certification stamp, a BBCOR baseball bat should have a maximum BBCOR or “bounciness” of 0.5. This way the performance of these non-wood bats is matched with those on the wooden ones.

Additionally, BBCOR bats should have a drop weight of -3 and the maximum barrel diameter of 2.625 inches.

2. Can You use BBCOR Bats in USSSA?

USSA stands for United States Specialty Sports Association that is known to regulate, organize and promote a variety of sports in the United States including softball and baseball.

Recently, starting January 1st, 2012 the organization amended its rules. The document that had the amendments stated that for leagues played by 15u to 19u youth, bats that are legal for NFHS were considered legal for USSSA. These include -3 Qualified BBCOR bats, wood, and some wood-composite bats.

For 9u to 14u, in addition to the bats deemed legal for NFHS, bats with USSSA 1.15 Stamp and Small barrel are considered legal.

In short, you can use your -3 BBCOR bats in USSSA, but you need to check beforehand if they are legal for HS. If HS considers them illegal, you need to purchase some other BBCOR bats.

3. Can BBCOR Bats be used in cold weather?

Up till now, you know that BBCOR bats are available in a variety of materials including alloy, aluminum, composite, hybrid and wood. For a bat to be used in cold weather you need to understand the properties of the material that it is made of.

Easton and other top brands, provide that aluminum bats should not be used in temperatures below 50 degrees as they might get damaged. In reality, the cold weather does not have a lot of impact on your bat rather it makes the baseball denser which puts great pressure on the bats which in turn damages them.

So if you plan on purchasing an aluminum bat with thinner walls and you have to use it in colder weather, then you might want to rethink and go for a wooden bat.

There is one additional thing that we would like to point out and tell our readers is that tampering with your bbcor bats in any way is considered illegal. You should refrain from doing such activities as those can lead to the disqualification of your bat.

If you need to break in your bat, do it by hitting and playing as often as you can. There is no need of using techniques that might be considered illegal and might cause problems for you.

4. Who uses BBCOR Bats?

Anyone can use BBCOR bats! Yes, there is no compulsion as to who can use it or who cannot. If you are playing for Little League and the leagues that come under its umbrella including Junior, Senior, and Big baseball league, then it is mandatory for you to have a BBCOR certified bat.

If your kid who is under 15 years of age, for instance, wants to play with a bbcor bat, then you can easily find one for her.

Also, if you are playing for college and high school baseball in the United States, then it is compulsory for you to have a BBCOR bat.

5. What are BBCOR Bats colleges using?

Different college leagues can have different BBCOR bats that are considered legal for play. To find out the list of the bbcor bats that colleges are using, you can visit the website of the given league or go through their rule book. Don’t worry your options are not limited. These lists are quite long and include a wide range of legal bbcor bats.

6. Which BBCOR Bats are balanced?

Balanced bbcor bats have a weight that is evenly distributed throughout the bat. These bats are usually light in weight with a lower moment of inertia that helps in achieving a faster swing.

Finding balanced bbcor bats isn’t a difficult task. A large variety of balanced bbcor bats are available in the market. Many of these are produced by top manufacturers including DeMarini, Easton, Rawlings and Louisville Slugger.

In the list of the top ten bats that we have provided above for 2021, there are some amazing balanced bbcor bats including Combat Adult Maxum Bbcor -3 Baseball Bat and Louisville Slugger 916 prime.

7. In what league BBCOR Bats are used?

BBCOR bats are used in almost all the youth associations including Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Pony Baseball and AABC. Please be careful that the famous Major League Baseball deems bbcor bats as illegal. So if you wish to play for MLB, then you might want to bat to your wooden bats.

We hope that we were able to answer all the queries that you had in your mind.


Finally, we would like to conclude our guide by wishing our readers good luck for finding the best bbcor bats 2021 that are available out there. We also hope that after purchasing the best baseball bats for yourself and your kids, you will be able to hit home runs!

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