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Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets for 2022

In baseball and softball alike, the catcher’s position is among the most vulnerable. Flying bats, strikes, and foul balls are just a few things this important player has to watch out for – making it vital to choose the best youth catchers gear set you can find.

Before we get started, it’s very important to note that no two bodies are built exactly alike. Even though manufacturers do their best to build gear that will fit most kids in a certain size range, a surprising number of people have issues with fit – no matter how much the gear costs. We recommend that you take measurements before making your purchase if at all possible, and double-check with the manufacturer or seller if you have questions or concerns.

With this and a few other considerations in mind, here are our top picks for the best youth catcher’s set.

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EastonBlack Magic Junior Youth Catcher’s Gear Box SetCheck
EastonM10 Intermediate Custom Catchers SetCheck
Louisville SluggerYouth PG Series 5 Catchers SetCheck
MizunoBoy’s Youth Samurai Box Set Catchers GearCheck
Under ArmourPTH Victory Catchers KitCheck

Easton Black Magic Junior Youth Catcher’s Gear Box Set

Easton Black Magic Junior Youth Catcher’s Gear Box Set


Designed to fit kids averaging six to eight years of age, the Easton Black Magic Junior Youth Catcher’s Gear Box Set includes a helmet, leg guards, and a chest protector.

While the chest protector and the leg guards offer flexibility where it’s needed, both are designed as single-piece protectors for easy on and off.

The shin guards feature clips for secure attachment, and the chest protector is attached via a single Velcro strap.

Coaches and parents in search of the best catcher’s gear set to suit kids of different shapes and sizes are quite likely to find this set from Mizuno suitable.

While there have been a few reports of the set being too large for smaller children, many users are satisfied with the adjustability, and one coach reports that the set was flexible enough to fit a “husky” 10-year old.

It’s certainly true that there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” sports equipment, however most reviewers are highly satisfied with this kit particularly when taking the affordability into consideration.


  • Suitable for either gender
  • Lasts multiple seasons
  • Ideal for 7U teams, Some 5U & 6U coaches report success as well


  • Chest protector may be a touch too large for smaller kids
  • Some younger kids may need help with donning / removing gear, especially shin guards

Easton M10 Intermediate Custom Catchers Set

Easton M10 Intermediate Custom Catchers Set


The Easton M10 Intermediate Custom Catchers Set features an M10 Helmet with strategic venting for a cooler feel.

ABS plastic construction and a rubberized matte black face mask protect the head. The M10 chest protector offers more than cool looks; with zero shock ab-technology, it offers good blocking control and closer rebounds.

The set includes M10 leg guards with foot protection and inner knee protection.

Asymmetrical right and left leg designs afford greater comfort and stability when it’s needed most, and adjustable knee pads assure a comfortable, customized fit.

This set is designed to fit kids averaging 13-15 years old and is suitable for either gender. The helmet is designed to fit sizes 6 1/8 – 7 3/8. Throat guard sold separately.

While a few reviewers had issues with sizing, most agree that Easton’s M10 Intermediate Custom Catchers Set offers excellent protection for intermediate youth players.

Parents and coaches report that catchers feel confident and secure while wearing the set, reporting that it is well-made and lasts multiple seasons.

If you’re in search of heavy-duty catcher’s gear in colors to suit your team, this set is well worth a closer look.


  • Excellent adjustability
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Wide range of color options to complement team uniforms


  • A few reports of customers receiving incorrect items; seller resolved problems in most cases
  • Great for 12U – 13U but often a bit too large for younger teams

Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Gear Set

Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set, Black/Gray


The Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Gear Set includes a hockey-style wide view NOCSAE approved helmet with a glossy finish, a contrasting face mask, and a moisture-wicking chin pad.

The chest protector offers an over-the-shoulder harness for a secure fit and less risk of twisting, as well as high-density foam padding to protect all exposed areas from fast-flying balls.

The shin guards feature a cool, perforated mesh lining, along with a double-knee design for better range of motion and an enhanced fit.

The helmet is designed to fit sizes 6 3/8 – 7, while the chest protector is 12” and the shin guards are 13”. Throat protector sold separately.

Louisville Slugger put plenty of thought into this catcher’s gear set, managing to create good-looking starter kit that fits a wide range of children.

Even so, it’s worth noting that some reviewers found the helmet was on the tight side, the chest pad was a looser fit than they’d like, or the shin pads weren’t an exact fit.

It’s always a good idea to measure your youngsters before deciding on gear – if they’re at either the smaller or larger end of the scale, you may want to opt for a smaller or larger size as needed.

Overall though, most are thrilled with the combination of quality, affordability, and great looks found in this set.


  • Good combination of quality and affordability
  • Great for smaller kids who need good-quality gear
  • Crotch protector is removable


  • Some reports of helmet fitting too tightly
  • No gear bag is included

Mizuno Boy’s Youth Samurai Box Set Catchers Gear

Mizuno Boy’s Youth Samurai Box Set Catchers Gear


The Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher’s Gear Set includes the basics, neatly wrapped up in a gear bag.

The Mizuno G4 mask / helmet is designed to fit youth between head sizes 6 ½ and 7 ¼, while the G3 shin guards measure 14 ½ inches from top to bottom.

The G3 chest protector measures 14 inches across, and includes a removable groin protector. All components are black and grey. Throat protectors are not included.

While the Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher’s Gear Set comes in only one color option and shares similar sizing issues with most other sets on the market, it offers excellent protection and fits a wide range of children.

Most coaches and parents appreciate its performance and many mention using it through several seasons. If you or your team are looking for a youth catcher’s gear set around $200, this one is well worth considering.


  • Excellent padding over all sensitive zones
  • Helmet fits players who wear glasses better than some others
  • Kids like the “MLB” look


  • Gear runs a touch large on ages 8 and 9; several reviewers note that their kids grow into it
  • One report of helmet liner developing excess wear after one season

Under Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit

Under Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit


The Under Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit features headgear with I-Bar Vision™ for enhanced vision and superior cage strength.

Made with injection-molded ABS, the shell offers a combination of sturdiness and lightweight performance. The helmet’s sleek design looks great on while deflecting balls and maximizing protection.

The chest protector features MPZ® construction, with a comfortable over the shoulder design and low-rebound foam that deadens impacts while making balls easier to recover.

Plastic inserts provide even more protection, while HeatGear® technology helps prevent discomfort from sweating and overheating.

Shin guards feature molded exteriors, padding, and mesh inside, plus 38 ventilation ports for a combination of protection and comfort.

This set is available in four popular colors, and in sizes to fit youth between the ages of 7 and 16.

If you’ve tried other catcher’s gear sets and found them to be too small for your player(s), you may want to consider this one from Under Armour.

The PTH Victory Catchers Kit gets good marks for fitting as expected, and when the fit wasn’t perfect, the majority of outliers reported that it was a bit too large as opposed to being too small.

There were only three complaints of “too small” gear for this set. The level of protection, appearance, and price all hit the mark with coaches and parents, and players appreciate the set for its comfort, low rebound, and great looks.

Overall, we recommend the Under Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit as best overall, even though it offers fewer color options than some other sets on the market.


  • Comes in three different size ranges
  • Players feel comfortable and enjoy flexibility
  • Some buyers report that Under Armour included a bonus throat protector, even though it wasn’t included in the description


  • Some reviewer would prefer 2 shoulder flaps instead of one
  • No velcro for left-handed catchers

Considerations when Choosing a Youth Catchers Gear Set

Most youth catcher’s sets include three basic pieces: A helmet with a protective face mask, a chest protector, and a set of leg/shin guards. As you choose your set, it’s a good idea to look for these three essentials at a minimum. Here are just a few more considerations.

  • Shoulder flaps? Some of the best youth catchers gear sets come with two shoulder flaps, while a few brands include just one, with or without velcro so players can swap depending on which arm they throw with.
  • Player size? We really like Under Armour’s PTH Victory Catchers Kit, as it doesn’t constrict itself to a single size. If you’re coaching or have multiple catchers in your family, you may want to get gear sets in a couple of different sizes so that kids can mix and match. If you have just one very tall or very short player, or if your child isn’t “average” sized for his or her age range, you may have to take measurements and purchase components separately to get the right fit.
  • Any Extras? Most catcher’s gear sets – not even the best ones – are sold without components such as a gear bag, a throat guard, and knee savers. Double-check; most of the time you’ll need to buy these separately.
  • How Much Does It Cost? It’s true that the best youth catchers gear sets tend to cost more than inferior products, but injuries are even more costly, particularly if they are serious. Save up or have a team fundraiser if you have to! This is one place where you absolutely do not want to skimp.

We hope these unbiased reviews make it a little easier for you to choose the best catchers gear set for those youngsters tasked with defending the home plate.  We wish your team the best of luck this baseball season!


The Basics of Choosing Baseball Catcher’s Gear