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Improve Baseball Throwing Speed with These Top 3 Excercises

top-improve-throwing-speed-in-baseball-finderIn the game of bat and ball, throwing speed is a crucial skill that requires mobility, power, stability and strength. There are various exercises that an athlete can do to further develop such traits. The muscles become stronger when an athlete consistently lifts weights resulting in production of more force.

When that force is expressed swiftly, power is then developed. According to various research conducted, there is an evident correlation between body mass, velocity of throwing and muscle strength. If you want to be an athlete who throws a baseball like the speed of light, just wanting it is not enough. You need to have speed, entire body strength and balance.

Below is a list of the top exercises that an athlete can perform to further improve their throwing speed in the game of bat and ball.

When asked how can an athlete throw harder, most people would say to strengthen the arms. This is partially right as strong legs, thunder thighs and humongous gluteal muscles also play a big role in throwing efficiency of athletes.


This is the exercise that most pitchers should focus on. Unlike other exercises, deadlifts help build up leg muscles and teaches the athlete to exercise, how to apply force effectively into the ground. This exercise allows the athlete to be injury-free as this challenge the upper back and core, allowing proper maintenance of the spinal’s alignment.

Grip strength is also built when an athlete rigorously does heavy deadlifts. A tight and strong grip is essential in becoming an effective pitcher. A strong core is required to make sure that the lower back is well protected to make sure that the athlete is in the proper stance.

Improvement in the mobility of the lower body and strength of the core, athletes can start to lower the bar’s height until it is safe for them to deadlift on the floor.


In this exercise, this is a variation of the deadlift which uses weight plates that are elevated on rubber mats, wooden blocks or even stacked plates. This exercise allows an athlete to become accustomed into a starting position properly, this also prevents tightness in an athletes hips or ankles that prevents the athlete from deadlifting safely on the floor.

In the starting position, the bar should be elevated between knees below and mid-shin. The athlete should stand with their shins gently pressed against the bar as they set their feet inside the width of the shoulder.

Refrain from bending your knees as your hips are gently pushed allowing you to feel your hamstrings being stretched. As you bend your knees, just outside your legs slowly grab the bar using your hands. Your shoulders should be squeezed as you simultaneously brace your abdomen while you pull your chest up and inhale breaths of air.

Straighten your legs as you drive your heels on the floor. It is essential to make sure that your legs are against the bar the whole time. Hips should be pushed as your glutes are squeezed to make sure that the weight are locked out. By pushing your hips, return the bar into the block.


A pitcher needs a strong quad which will enable him to have a strong foundation as he stride his legs, which allows him to approach the home plate and throw a fastball. Players with injured arm or shoulder will have a problem doing squats that needs to have a barbell across their back.

The dumbbell split squats are an alternative and challenging way to maximize a players stability and coordination similar to throwing a baseball. Bend your elbows and hold the dumbbell’s top most part.

Palms should be together, the thumb should be pointed towards yourself. Just like lifting a glass to your lips for a drink, you should hold the weight as high as the chest. Slowly reach a leg as you stand in front of a bench.

With laces down, slowly place your foot on the bench. In front of you, your foot should be far enough as you squat down. The abdomen should be tight and continue practicing chest-up as the low down is all under control.

An athlete should be strong first before power can be achieved. Without much force to start with, quickly expressing the force swiftly. Power is plane-pacific. Powerful movements such as overheard medicine balls carry over directly to the ball by the pitcher Try to exercise lateral jumping and medicine ball. Aspiring pitcher’s can skip the vertical jumps.

These are just a few of the exercises that any athlete should follow. Determination and perseverance are main ingredient in order for any skill to develop.