RIP IT BBCOR baseball bat reviews

RIP IT BBCOR baseball bats started arriving on the baseball horizon around 2014. Since then, the company’s BBCOR bats have proven immensely popular and are typically considered among top-performing alloy and hybrid bats.

A great thing about RIP IT BBCOR bats is that they are an excellent balance between great performance and great price. In simpler words, they essentially let you have top action without dishing out a whole lot of money.

A number of features distinguish RIP IT’s BBCOR bats from the BBCOR market at large. A remarkable feature of BBCOR alloy bats is that they are exceptionally light-weight. In fact, RIP IT’s alloy BBCOR bats are among the lightest alloy BBCOR bats on the market.

The key to this is the use of Rifle Barrel Technology in the construction of these bats’ barrels. This technology reduces the weight of the barrel while maintaining top durability and performance.

Hybrid BBCOR bats from RIP IT use the same technology with the added benefit of a composite barrel which adds to the flex of the bat, offering incredibly great trampoline effect upon impact.

Another incredible feature of all BBCOR bats offered by RIP-IT is that they come with a 30-day love-it-or-return-it policy. This means that once the bat is shipped to you, you can test it out and see if it suits you.

If you like the bat, you can keep it and if you are in any way unsatisfied, RIP-IT will accept it back. These two features allow you to be confident that you will get top quality with a RIP-IT bat and if you still don’t like them, you can return them or have them replaced.

Reviews of The 4 Best RIP IT BBCOR Baseball Bats

ProductOur Rating
RIP-IT BBCOR AIR Baseball Bat5/5
RIP-IT BBCOR AIR Elite Baseball Bat4.5/5
Rip-It 2015 BBCOR Helium Baseball Bat5/5
RIP-IT 2014 Prototype AIR B1403A BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)4.5/5


The RIP-IT BBCOR Air bat is one of the stock BBCOR bats from the company. This bat comes with a 32.5-inch length and a weight of 29.5 ounces. RIP IT has used the R3 alloy material in the construction of this bat, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting.

In the construction of the barrel, the company has used its trademark Rifle Barrel Technology. The use of this technology essentially grooves the inner metal skeleton of the barrel which results in less weight and a lighter feel but the same solid feel of a powerful barrel.

For players looking for a perfectly balanced yet powerful barrel, this bat is a great choice. The handle of the bat carries a Contact Grip which reduces any sting upon impact and lets you swing this bat with confidence and comfort. The bat is certified for use in all BBCOR matches.

RIP-IT BBCOR AIR Elite Baseball Bat

RIP-IT BBCOR Air Elite bat is a hybrid bat which essentially combines the advantages of alloy and composite materials. The barrel of this bat has been constructed from incredibly strong and durable R2 alloy and it carries all the trademark features of RIP IT’s BBCOR bats.

These include the use of Rifle Barrel technology which reduces the weight of the barrel, gives it a more smooth swing and yet keeps the barrel perfectly solid for heavy hitting. The bat also uses the Acoustic Barrel technology which lets you hit the baseball with a perfect pop upon contact.

The handle of the bat has been made from R2 Composite material. Such a two-piece design allows for a great flexibility in the overall structure of the bat, significantly adding to the trampoline effect during hitting. A composite handle also ensures that virtually no feedback vibrations from the barrel reach the handle, essentially eliminating any sting on the players’ hands.

To further ensure a smooth grasp on the handle, RIP IT has included a Contact Grip on the handle which lets the players hold the bat in a solid grip while swinging it on the plate. For players looking for a bat with solid barrel and balanced swing, this bat is a great choice.

It is certified for use in all BBCOR matches and comes with the 30-day love-it-or-return-it policy whereby you can test out the bat and if you want to have a different size or color.

Rip-It 2015 BBCOR Helium Baseball Bat

RIP-IT 2015 BBCOR Helium is one of the premium bats offered by RIP IT. This bat has been meticulously constructed in an extraordinary five-piece design using helium gas in the barrel, a feature which is matched by absolutely no other BBCOR bat.

As a result of such unique construction, this bat has the fastest swing speed compared to all other BBCOR bats while at the same time having the lowest MOI. The use of helium gas in the barrel makes the barrel offer incredibly great flex while remaining very low-weight.

The result is an exceptional trampoline effect which helps the barrel hit baseball into exceptionally long distances. The use of helium gas in the barrel makes it solid enough for heavy hitting without comprising on the weight.

For a bat constructed from aluminum alloy, RIP IT has been successful in combining fast swing speeds with a solid barrel with great success.

This bat is perfect for use in hot and cold weather conditions alike. For someone who is not on the hunt for a budget bat, this bat is probably one of the absolutely best BBCOR bats out there.

RIP-IT 2014 Prototype AIR B1403A BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)

The RIP-IT 2015 Prototype Air bat is a one-piece alloy bat which is certified for use in all BBCOR matches. RIP-IT has used its Rifle Barrel technology in the construction of this bat.

The use of this technology helps make the barrel as light-weight as possible without compromising on the solidness and performance of the barrel. The result is an incredibly light-weight that is perfectly smooth to swing with lightning fast speeds on the plate and offers great pop upon contact with the baseball.

Like most other one-piece bats by RIP-IT, this bat is constructed entirely from top-grade R2 alloy making it very durable through rough and tough use. The use of an Acoustic Barrel in this bat allows the bat to offer the iconic pop sound upon contact and ensures that the barrel packs a large enough sweet spot for confident hitting.

If you ask us, we sure consider it one of the best one-piece BBCOR bats out there.

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