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1-Piece vs 2-Piece Bats – Which is the Best Choice?

Have you ever had that feeling that you couldn’t pick between two choices? That feeling really sucked right? Every time you think that you’re going to really pick choice A, something about choice B just seems to bother you and convince you that choice B is the right decision! After a little while, you start to doubt choice B and start to look at choice A again! Hopeless, endless choice making!

one piece vs two piece baseball bats

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Most likely you would be wondering what kind of bat would be better for a contact hitter. You may be wondering what kind of bat would be better for a power hitter. Actually, there are no black and white answers here, it’s all a matter of how the hitter really feels and that’s the really important part.

But believe me, that dilemma really sucks. For sure, if you’re reading this then for sure you’re going under the problem of choosing the right bat, one-piece bat or a two-piece bat, then again, this article would surely help you solve that problem!

Here are some key facts

Here are some key facts about one-piece and two-piece baseball bats so that you would be able to differentiate the two. But remember, neither design is supreme, each one has their own perks, it’s all a matter of liking!

Well for starters, you must know what the definition of one-piece and two-piece bats mean.

One-piece bats are those bats of which are made entirely of continuous material from end to end,

whereas two-piece bats are those bats which are made of two separate parts joined together, namely the barrel and the handle.

Well then since we know now the definition, let’s start with their differences! But in reality, there are only two distinct difference between the two which should be really taken into account! Sting dampening and hybrids!
So what are hybrids?

Well hybrid is defined as something that is composed of different components. In this case, the relationship of the term “hybrids” with one-piece and two-piece bat is this; two-piece bats can be made of the same material from the barrel and the handle and they could also be made up of different materials, let’s say, a composite handle and an aluminum alloy barrel! Surely you couldn’t do that with a one-piece bat! Duh.

So yes, the combination of two different materials in the barrel and the handle is what we call the hybrid bat, which is of course, some might say, the best of both worlds.

So what about sting dampening?

Certainly if you’ve ever handle a bat and ever hit a baseball, then for certain you’ve experience the sting during the hit! One-piece bats such as the one seen on pro baseball really deliver that kind of sensation on your hands whenever you’ve had a mishit. Meanwhile for two-piece bats, they tend to have less reverberation whenever there is a mishit.

Manufacturers nowadays place dampening mechanisms around the connective transition area. However the real question is do you want to experience this lessened sensation. Yes, certainly yes! Is that what’s on your mind? Well then you should really be thinking it through though.

Why? In basketball maybe you could say that it’s somehow related to a shooter’s follow-through. It’s what a shooter could say if he did something wrong or if he did it right .

Think about it, if one-piece bats are made like to feel like those in the pro league, then why not choose one-piece bats? Also, one-piece bats offer more power because there’s not damping mechanism! Moreover, choosing one-piece bats would tell you if you did something wrong because whenever you have a mishit then surely your hand would feel a stinging sensation, and it would tell you if you really had a mishit.

This would be the advantage of one-piece bats to two-piece bats. That’s because in the long run, developing your ability to know whether or not you had that perfect hit would be really benefit you skill wise.

Nevertheless, two-piece bats are still worth it, again, it’s all about preference. This article is only here to guide you, ultimately you are the one who knows what you like best. So moving on, two-piece bats are still worth every single penny you pay for.

Why? It doesn’t mean that it’s not like the one’s that the pros’ use, it’s not worth it anymore, it still has its perks. Two-piece bats are has a soft feeling every time you hit the ball, making it really nice to hit because it won’t hurt as much as the one-piece.

Two-piece bats could also be modified further into designing its optimal weight distribution and strength design, whereas the one-piece bats fail to do so.

Furthermore, this is where the two-piece bat really shines the most, the ability to become a hybrid bat and thus maximizing the ability of the two-piece bat’s optimal weight distribution and strength design because now you could have a composite handle and an aluminum alloy barrel and many more other designs!

Also, if you’re already had your fair share of practice and you really hate the stingy sensation then go for the two-piece, it would suit you more. But if you really want to go old school and learn it the hard way, then go for the one-piece bat! Take the pain and take it like a man!

Then again, the ultimate test to know whether it’s the right bat for you is to test it. Go see how it feels, you’re the one who’s going to use it, so you have the responsibility to really know how the bat functions when you’re off hitting those balls!!