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Fungo Bats

Fungo Bats: What You Need To Know

Fungo bats aren’t typical bats like the ones Mike Trout takes with him to a game situation. Rather, they’re more of practice bats. The bats are specially made for coaches to utilize when testing the fielding of their players. For example, a coach would break out his or her fungo bat when he or she […]

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How Important Is Speed In Baseball?

As Major League Baseball is happening these days with many upcoming matches, we thought that this post might be helpful for our baseball players out there. Baseball is a game that requires players to bat as well as field. This means that players need to show their skills both as hitters and as fielders too. […]

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Playing Baseball After Shoulder Dislocation

Baseball requires a lot of swinging of the shoulders, both at the batter’s end as well as the pitcher’s end. The pitcher aims to throw a baseball at the maximum speed possible while the batter is waiting to swing his bat at the greatest velocity to toss the incoming baseball into the greatest distance. However, […]

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How can You play Baseball after High School

At the end of every High School year in the USA, thousands of kids from all over the country ask how they can continue their favorite sport after school professionally, or rather how they can start living their dream of becoming a successful and professional baseball player. The good news is that one does not […]

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Why should You not play Baseball with a broken Finger?

Baseball may look like a fun game, which it is most of the time, but ask someone who had a broken finger and you shall be getting a totally different perspective. Just like in any sport, you can have injuries while playing baseball. Injuries may happen: a) If you are not wearing protective padding like […]

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