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Best Youth Catchers Mitts [2021 Update]

Protecting home plate is definitely not for the faint of heart. This demanding job calls for more than steady nerves though: The right equipment makes a big difference. With the best youth catchers mitts, young players find it easier to get a grip on fast-flying balls. Thick padding takes the sting out, so catchers can focus on the task at hand without worry, and wide surfaces extend reach so it’s easier to maintain proper form.

With comfort, size, and a few other important considerations in mind, here are our five top picks for best youth catchers mitt.

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All-Star Youth 31.5” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt


The All-Star Youth baseball catcher’s mitt is made with soft, pre-oiled leather in attractive contrasting black and brown colors. Designed for fast, easy break-in and the demands that come with hard, repeated use, this mitt features a wide heel channel for easier closing. It fits right-handed throwers and comes with a one-year guarantee


  • Light enough for smaller kids to handle
  • Easy to close
  • Good “first catchers mitt”


  • Available for right hand throwers only
  • Less padding than some other options

The All-Star Youth 31.5” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt is a great choice for little leaguers who aren’t yet subject to hard, fast pitches. While it has a bit less padding than some other models, the tradeoff is light weight for less fatigue, plus easier closing for greater confidence. If you’re looking for an affordable catcher’s mitt for little league, you’ll want to give this one a closer look. Premium materialsensure that it’ll last multiple seasons.

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt


The Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mittfeatures a ParaShock palm pad that lasts through the demands of repeated use. A V-Flex notch makes closing easier, and Power Close aids younger players who are still developing their technique. Measuring 32.5 inches, this youth transitional size catcher’s mitt is made with pre-broken in black and brown leather for a combination of durability and a classic appearance. It is available for left and right hand throwers alike.


  • Good combination of quality and affordability
  • Plenty of padding
  • Almost no break in period, can play out of the box


  • Web is a little smaller than some other options
  • May not fit players over age 10

Coaches, teams and parents searching for a good little league catcher’s mitt are likely to appreciate this one. Mizuno has a great reputation for quality products, and they didn’t disappoint with this youth catcher’s mitt.

Materials and workmanship are good quality, there’s plenty of padding, and the closing action is spot on, even for littler players who are working on their technique.While it is certainly in good practice condition right out of the box, it improves with use and conditioning.

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher’s Mitt


The Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher’s Mitt is made with black leather. With a V-flex notch and Power Close technology built in, it is designed to help younger players catch the ball and close the mitt. A ParaShock palm pad provides protection from the sting of fast-flying balls. This youth full sized catcher’s mitt measures 31.5 inches and is available in configurations for right and left handed throwers.


  • ParaShock palm pad does a good job of shock absorption
  • Great for small kids up to about age 9
  • Doesn’t require much break in; leather feels soft on arrival


  • A bit bouncy right out of the box, far less rebound when broken in
  • Black color may wear off onto players’ hands, especially at first

If you’re looking for a catcher’s mitt to fit players in the 7 to 9 age group, be sure to give this one a look. The Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher’s Mitt offers many of the same features that make the GXC105 so popular, and it’s very easy to close even straight out of the box. A bit of conditioning and breaking in make it even more user-friendly, even for little guys without a lot of hand strength. Trapping balls, scooping ground balls, and blocking pitches are no problem thanks to the wide profile, and kids like the way this mitt looks, too.

Mizuno GXC95Y2 Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitts


The Mizuno GXC95Y2 Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitts is made with leather for a traditional appearance. With a ventilated back and an adjustable D-ring strap at the wrist for comfort and a secure fit, it offers ParaShock palm padding for protection from fast pitches. This transitional size youth catcher’s mitt measures 33.5 inches and is available in configurations for right and left handed throwers.


  • Larger web extends reach
  • Shallow pocket makes it easier to grab the ball
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship


  • Needs a little more breaking in than some other options
  • A little big for kids under about age 12

Mizuno did a fantastic job with the Supreme GXC94 Youth Catcher’s Mitt, answering the call for a transitional-sized mitt to fit middle schoolers and young high schoolers, as well as some smaller statured adults. While this glove takes some time to break in, and while oils can lead to dye transference to skin, it’s got plenty of padding to provide protection from fast pitches, and it comes at a surprisingly affordable price.

Wilson A2000 Super Skin Fastpitch CM34 34” Catcher’s Mitt


The Wilson A2000 Super Skin Fastpitch CM34 34” Catcher’s Mitt is sized for larger middle school to high school players. With an adjustable wrist strap for a great fit, it features a horizontal hinge web and a D-fusion honeycomb cell pocket pad in the catch zone. Pro stock leather and super skin construction contribute to the shorter break in time as well as long-lasting quality that lasts through the seasons. Black and white tones combine with black lacing, making this a great-looking catcher’s glove. This 34” catcher’s mitt is available in right and left hand throw configurations.


  • Withstands heavy impacts
  • Excellent longevity; will last a lifetime with proper care
  • Looks amazing


  • Costs quite a bit more than some other options
  • Stiff on arrival and takes some effort to break in

Serious players love the Wilson A2000 Super Skin Fastpitch catchers mitt, not just for its handsome appearance, but for its durability and superior shock absorption. While this isn’t a mitt for the youngest players, it’s ideal for those who are not quite read to fit into an adult catchers mitt, and it fits some small statured adults as well. While it’s not the cheapest option by any stretch of the imagination, this is among the best youth catcher’s mitts on the market. With a bit of break-in, it sets your player or team up for better performance for years to come.

Considerations when Choosing a Youth Catcher’s Mitt

The right catcher’s mitt can make a difference not just to the catcher, but to the entire team. If the pocket is too deep and it’s tough to find the ball, the catcher might not be able to stop base runners effectively. If it’s too stiff, there will be a lot of dropped balls. These are just a couple of things to keep in mind as you make your selection.

  • Which hand?Like a baseball mitt, the catcher’s mitt should fit on the player’s non-dominant hand. Kids who throw with theirright hand need gloves to fit the left side and vice-versa.
  • Leather: While synthetic materials are OK for cheap baseball gloves, catcher’s mitts are subject to a lot more wear and tear. We recommend all-leathercatcher’s mitts, and as you’ve seen from this review, there are plenty of options available under $100 and even under $50.
  • Special Closing Features:Some of the best youth catcher’s mitts made their way onto this list because they offer special features designed to help kids grab the ball, even when their hands haven’t developed much strength. These features are very helpful for little leaguers, particularly kids under 9 or 10. Older players don’t really need the extra help, particularly after the mitt has been broken in.
  • Price: Our usual advice is to get the best you can afford, but that’s not necessarily true when choosing a youth catcher’s mitt. Younger kids need something comfortable that fits well, so don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money to satisfy those requirements. Older kids who are catching fast pitches do better with a good quality mitt like the Wilson A2000 Super Skin Fastpitch, however the Mizuno Supreme GXC94 gets good marks, particularly for kids who play primarily for fun. The more serious your player, the more you’ll want to invest.

With a few minutes of comparison shopping, we hope our reviews make it easier for you to choose the best youth catcher’s mitt for your young ballplayer. After a bit of breaking in and some familiarization, you can sit back and take pride as they defend home plate and help bring their team closer to a winning season. We wish you and your youngster the best of luck!