The 4 Best BBCOR Wood Bats

When the original, classic baseball sport began, wooden bats were the only kind of bats that were used in the game. And they have survived to this day, remains a popular choice among top baseball players. A wide range of BBCOR wood bats arrive in the market each year, and amidst this, it can become hard to choose the best BBCOR wood bats.


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To make things easier for you, we have handpicked a list of the best BBCOR bats made from wood. This list, which contains pros and cons of these top bats, will help you choose the exact bat that suits your needs.

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Marucci RIZZ445/5 StarsCheck
Mizuno MZE243 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat – Navy/Red – BBCOR Certified5/5 StarsCheck
Rawlings Velo Composite Wood Bat4/5 StarsCheck
Easton S4 Maple Wood Baseball Bat4/5 StarsCheck

Marucci RIZZ44




Marucci RIZZ44 is one of those BBCOR wood bats which are made with love and aim at perfection. Being manufactured in the classic tradition of wooden baseball bats, Marucci has made this bat from hand-picked, top-quality billets of maple wood.

The bat has also undergone the Bone Rubbing technique whereby the bat’s exterior has been extensively rubbed with a bone which closes the pores of the wood and compresses the bat to make it harder and more solid for heavy hitting on the plate.

The bat carries a -3 length to weight ratio and packs a slim body with a medium barrel diameter and a handle with a medium taper. This slim design is perfect for such players who are already well experienced in swinging a wooden bat.

The medium-width handle and barrel make it possible for experienced players to channel the maximum power of their swing into their hits. To top it, the bat carries a signature polished look which makes it truly a piece of art.

Mizuno MZE243 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat – Navy/Red – BBCOR Certified


The Mizuno MZE243 Bamboo Elite bat is a BBCOR wood bat which is great for use by experienced as well as non-experience players. Mizuno has an extensive experience in constructing bats from bamboo wood, and this bat is yet another testament of that.

In the barrel of this bat, Mizuno has used top-quality bamboo wood to give the barrel durability, solidity and excellent pop sound upon contact with the baseball. In the handle of the bat, Mizuno has used a more hybrid design, combining glass fiber with bamboo to create the handle and the taper of the bat.

This hybrid handle makes it possible for players to wield this bat at great speeds without incurring any damage to the bat while also mitigating any feedback on the hands. To make it possible for players to plant a more solid grip on the handle while swinging this bat, Mizuno has further sanded the handle.

The bat is available in length options of 31”, 32”, 33” and 34” and carries a weight drop of -3. It is eligible for use in all BBCOR matches.

Rawlings Velo Composite Wood Bat

Velo Composite Wood Bat


The Rawlings Velo Composite Wood Bat is a hybrid wood bat meant for use in BBCOR matches. This bat has been manufactured from maple and bamboo composite wood with Rawlings using solid-quality bamboo wood in the construction of the bat’s handle and taper.

The barrel of the bat combines the best of both bamboo and maple woods, resulting in a barrel with a significantly large sweet spot and a solid hitting surface. The overall design of the bat is such that it is fairly lightweight without compromising on the hitting prowess of the barrel while ensuring excellent balance during swinging. A 15/16” handle means that players can swing this bat while keeping a firm grip on it. The bat carries a drop weight of -3.

Easton S4 Maple Wood Baseball Bat


The Easton S4 maple wood bat is for such BBCOR players who want an inexpensive wooden bat that offers good performance. Easton has manufactured this bat from superior-quality maple wood, resulting in a bat that carries a high-quality maple barrel which is both durable and high-performance.

The barrel of the bat carries a cupped end, making it possible for players to swing this bat with good balance. The price tag on this bat is fairly low, making it one of the most budget-friendly BBCOR wood bats.


If you are a beginner with wood BBCOR bats and want to use a wood bat simply for a practice run, you should probably go for Easton S4. As mentioned above, it is inexpensive, and you can swing it casually on a number of games.

If you are looking for durability, however, the Rawlings Velo Composite Wood Bat is a better choice given its hybrid construction. But if you have good experience swinging wooden bats and know how to play right with one, you should go straight for Marucci RIZZ44.

Using this bat is a challenge, but if you can swing it right, it is going to hit home runs in the hands of the right hitter. Our verdict is that the Marucci RIZZ44 rightfully tops the list of best BBCOR wood bats.

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