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Baseball Swinging Tips Help You Control The Match

Swinging the bat right is a crucial part of a baseball game, especially if you are on the pitch with a bat. More often than not, it is good hitting that decides the fate of a game and good hitting heavily depends on swinging right. Following are some crucial tips and tricks to help you swing optimally during a baseball game

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You must be well balanced when swinging the bat. Balance is crucial in helping you swing the bat effectively and impacting the ball strongly enough. Ideally, you should try to balance your weight on the balls of your feet when swinging during a shot. This will give you freedom to swing your arms with maximum force and hit the baseball farther.

Facing down on the bat

You head should be facing down on the bat when you hit the ball. This gives your upper body focus and stability during the swing. In order to be sure that you position your head right during a swing, you may practice the right position of your head for many minutes at a time while holding a bat during a practice session.

Short Swing

Short swing often serves a crucial purpose on the pitch. In order to be sure that your short swings are executed perfectly, stand a few feet from a solid barrier and try to swing without touching the barrier. To do so, you will be required to bring your hands closer to body during the swing, mitigating the impact.

Exercise regularly

This will help you strengthen your upper body as well as lower body. Upper body strength is important to help you swing with accuracy, power and to swing without slacking while you are on the pitch. Lower body strength is crucial to help you stand with stability and move your body with the required mobility when swinging shots.

Be relaxed but confident during swinging

This means that you should take a deep breath before each shot and make sure that your muscles are not stiff. At the same time, you should also take care to ensure that you are focused on the incoming ball and swing you bat with an easy confidence.

When swinging the bat against the incoming ball, you should ideally lift and place your front foot at 45 degrees to the plate. The timing of this foot is absolutely critical. If you lift the foot precisely at the right time, it will help you bring in a solid swing, hit the ball perfectly and throw it into the distance. If your foot comes early or late, your swing loses power. So make sure to practice the placement of the foot many times during each practice session.

Wood Bats

Using a wood bat is often a great way of improving your swing technique on a baseball pitch. The reason is that the wood bat typically packs a smaller barrel and requires you to hit the ball with additional accuracy and power. Consequently, if you are able to practice great swinging on a wood bat, you will be able to swing other bats very well.

Swinging your bat right is simply a step towards hitting the baseball perfectly. So even if you are swinging the bat perfectly but the hitting is not catching on, there’s a problem. The best way to resolve this is to undergo video analysis.

Go through a practice swinging session, then review the video recording to see what mistakes you are making. Make a note of the mistakes and then try to rectify them in the next practice session.

Undergo one-handed swings

A good way of improving your swinging technique is to undergo one-handed swings. This should ideally be done by holding a bat closer towards the barrel with a single hand and then swinging it in a complete hit. This is an excellent way of strengthening your main swinging arm and at the same time, helps you improve the accuracy of the swing.

Position your upper body

The position of your upper body is the most important part in ensuring the right swinging position. For a good swinging freedom, you should stand with hands and bat kept around your back shoulder.

This will give you sufficient freedom in which to swing the bat and add power to the swing before hitting the ball upon contact. Your feet should also be shoulder width apart to give you stability and agility during the swing.

Hip rotation

Hip rotation is crucial in helping you swing for power. Hip rotation essentially gives your swing the sufficient speed and momentum it requires to hit the ball farther. You can practice hip rotation even without hitting balls during a practice session.

Think of your hips as a rubber band which will propel your upper torso forward and add power to your hit. For this to happen, the muscles in your abdomen, hip and legs should be in good shape and well-toned.

Swing path your bat

The swing path of your bat is a very important part of effective swinging. The initial movement of your bat, with respect to the ball, should ideally be downward. This will essentially help you bring your bat under the ball, hit it over and up into the distance.

The path of the bat is crucial in letting you hit the ball with sufficient energy and also to ensure that you hit the ball precisely in the direction that you had intended.

Facing inside pitch

When you are facing an inside pitch, it is always a good idea to swing your bat a little outside the plate and in front of you. For this, you should begin your swing a little earlier than usual and tackle the ball at about 10 inches in front of you. Tackling an inside pitch with such a swing will help you hit it away and square.

Facing a pitch down the middle

When you are facing a pitch down the middle, you should let the ball arrive and even enter an inch or two into the plate before you hit it. Since a middle pitch is easier to toss into the distance, you can allow it to approach you and then give it your maximum power upon contact.

For an outside the pitch ball, you should wait just a little to let the ball reach closer inside the plate. This ensures that you don’t hit the ball prematurely and lose momentum. When you hit such a throw at the back of the plate, you are able to hit it with maximum power.