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Easton Black Magic Junior Youth Catcher’s Gear Box Set

Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets: Buyer’s Guide & Equipment Reviews

In baseball and softball alike, the catcher’s position is among the most vulnerable. Flying bats, strikes, and foul balls are just a few things this important player has to watch out for – making it vital to choose the best youth catchers gear set you can find. Before we get started, it’s very important to […]

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Best Baseball Gloves

There’s nothing quite like the solid “smack” of a baseball meeting the palm of your glove – particularly when that glove fits perfectly and feels great. On the other hand, the wrong glove can spell disaster for your season – and leave you searching for a better option all over again. To save you some […]

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Comparison Between Aluminum and Composite BBCOR Bats.

The safety of baseball players has been taken into consideration, and so the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution has been implemented. Baseball manufacturers and big players have engineered and modernized baseball bats in the last few years to further supply the demand of baseball bats. Two of the most in demand type of BBCOR bats […]

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How To Play Baseball With Glasses

If you are near-sighted, you will usually be required to wear eye glasses or contact lenses most of the time. This will be especially true in situations where a clear sight is essential, such as when driving or playing sports. In fact, many players wear eyeglasses or contact lenses when they go on the field […]

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What are The Skills Needed to Become an Excellent Baseball Player?

Baseball is an exhausting game that requires holistic athleticism and mental focus. A large group of young children if not all dream of becoming a baseball player, and most want to pursue a career so they start playing at a young age. What are the skills needed to become an excellent baseball player? Let us […]

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